Pet Photographer

Thursday, 16. November 2023

Photo contest will be rewarded again for amateur and professional photographers join. Just in time for the pre-Christmas period the pet Portal “” praises from a 50-euro voucher from for the amateur or professional photographer, published the most pet photos on the platform. Of course, not only the dogs photographers are needed: cat pictures, horse pictures and birds -, rodent -, fish or reptile photos will be settled. The main thing is that it is the photo of the animal, which can be kept as a pet. That the photo it does not violate the dignity of animals may violate should be self-evident and is checked strictly by the operators of To do this, but only to Honorable operators of the portal to the user photos find words. There is the possibility to set animal pictures at right from the outset.

We may but pleased conclude that despite the amount of photos that we have now set come yet not a single case has occurred, in which we intervene had. “, so Ralf Sanchez, one of the players behind the scenes of the pet portal. Already a few minutes after the official start of the competition on November 3 the first pet photographers were active and set directly up to 10 photos at a time. However, here again, that the character of the competition not to the detriment of the quality of the photos is. All previously selected photos are”no quick fixes, but photos that have chosen the keepers with care and released. The competition to the most diligent pet photographer 2008 “runs up to December 15, 2008 and the operators expect several hundred beautiful and also original photos of the Favorites to land, water and air.

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