Management Protocol

Saturday, 23. December 2023

Organize your family event as always he dreamed it iluminacion organization is the process of design, planning and production of conferences, festivals, ceremonies, festivals, conventions, or other meetings, each of which can have different purposes. Some of the tasks that includes the Organization of an event is the to budget and schedule, the selection and reservation of space which will develop the encounter, the processing of permits and authorizations, monitoring of transport services, catering services, comprehensive logistics coordination, among others. Iluminacion organization is a relatively new field. There are different institutions, in some cases University, which trained and train future professionals in the field, both theoretical and technical aspects. The course organization iluminacion offers the student the opportunity to carry out activities designed to develop skills in: determination of the needs of the client; Completion of the sale of the event; Knowledge of the internal policies in the area of the event; Planning and management of events; Label and Management Protocol and the subsequent evaluation of the same.

The generalities of the course are to determine the client’s needs; Make the sale of the event; Domestic policies in the area of the event; Planning and management of events; Development of the event; Tag and Protocol and assessment of the event. There are countries that are very well equipped and are ideal for organizing children’s parties. One of them is Colombia, which offers the necessary conditions for the successful organisation of international events. The country has major convention centers in major cities to host world-class events. However, a rapid increase in demand, both internally and externally, has become essential to increasing the supply of this type of enclosures in Colombia. Today, Colombia is in ability to receive nearly 55.500 people attending events to be carried out in a manner simultaneous in Convention Centers located in Bogota, Cartagena, Medellin, Cali, Santa Marta and the coffee triangle. Other cities such as Barranquilla and Saint Andrew, are also becoming the realization of events and incentive travel destinations. For this reason, they are betting improving its tourist infrastructure as well as the development of its Fairgrounds, with the purpose of hosting world-class events. Colombia also has professional operators of congresses that are able to attend group visits and have the necessary experience to run all kinds of events. Around three hundred operators are certified in quality by the Ministry of Commerce, industry and tourism.