Rock Music Culture

Saturday, 23. September 2023

What is the rock culture? For a start look at the basics, so to speak to the beginnings of all beginnings. How it all began, than all the compounded and how it will affect our future a peaceful life. What is rock music and rock culture, and what it eat. Sociological studies have shown that out of 100 respondents to the question: 'What is ROCK? ", 60 people answered that it is a proper music, 25 responded,' Well, this is supposedly drunk, sweaty guys with dirty hair on the guitars are doing 'creator', 10 honestly say 'It's hard to answer', and of 5 only mumbled miserably. There are many assumptions about what was the cause and origin of what rock music. Some believed that invented Rock governments to control zombies and young people, others argue that it is a manifestation of the process of musical development. In the Orthodox literature, I met with the opinion that the whole thing in satanic origins of rock music (as in a separate article) Big, dusty dictionaries and reference books, said that the rock – is another word for fate (there is an inevitability, under this concept refers to events that are sure to occur), and with a footnote – an unhappy, tragic. The same dictionary gives the definition and rock music: the eccentric, pop music played in quick succession, usually in electronic instruments, with voice or votes (According to the dictionary Ozhegova SI). Contact information is here: Carissa Barry. However, this definition, although correct, gives only a superficial "lifeless" characteristic of rock music.


Thursday, 22. February 2018

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Adsense and Adwords

Thursday, 12. May 2016

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Cycle Creating

Wednesday, 20. April 2016

Music and song – the emotions have been transformed into the sound of Article 2 of the series 'creation of new songs and music' The author – Vladimir Shablya Website: unique miracle of nature – a man – endowed with the capacity for logical thinking and the emotional perception A unique miracle of nature – people – is endowed with two main features that distinguish it from other living beings on earth: the ability to think logically and effectively the ability to perceive emotional reality. And all that is great (in a good and bad sense), which reached the people, created thanks to these wonderful qualities of man. Different areas of human activity to varying degrees and require the use of ratio these abilities. Usually in a particular area base is one of them, and the other in a certain way "helps" its effective promotion. Music, melody arises from the emotions, and in parallel with them Let's look at these positions such huge and beautiful component of our spiritual life, like music, but rather the process of creating new music and new songs.

As a lover of music, songwriter, composer, performer, student and scholar in one person, I will offer my perspective on the process of creating new music and songs, making no claim to ultimate truth. After all, perhaps, other songwriters, composers and poets of all is differently. So, where does the music? From the air? From sunlight? Not at all. It arises in the mind of man.