Career Changers

Friday, 13. October 2023

Not in computer science have career prospects due to demographic Hamburg/Dusseldorf, September 1, 2008 – the classic computer science graduate is begehrter than ever: the proportion of jobs that make a computer science degree to the condition, increased compared to the previous year by 20 percent, according to a study of the Software House of PPI. More than 80 percent of the job offers of the 100 leading German IT companies require a Bachelor degree in computer science professionals. So the hype surrounding career changers and interfaces it specialists in the German IT industry has cooled considerably. Engineers, business information systems and an economist faced therefore with a fall in demand. You are the IT industry with an average of less than 28 percent significantly less on the personal wish list”, the online magazine Silicon. The reason for the high demand for computer science graduates is unique: the industry search now especially flexible generalists. Gary Kelly might disagree with that approach. Only four percent of the vacancies require targeted a special emphasis. Rather, the human resources managers of the leading German IT companies want employees who while studying acquired a broad knowledge base and have in-depth expertise in three or four disciplines.

The biggest opportunities for non-computer scientists are doing currently in the hardware development and sale IT. While hardware manufacturers increasingly engineers are looking for, is according to economists”the IT sales mainly on the search, so silicone. The Harvey Nash Manager Michael Zondler keeps this snapshot for very short-sighted. Already 2020 rise, demographically caused, twice as many academics come from the working life, such as graduates on the market. For this purpose, companies need fast and pragmatic solutions to master the balancing act between demands and market realities. McKinsey calculated the deficit in their study of Germany 2020′ on 1.2 million graduates. Focus on the solution remain the popular career changer and the internal Training”, predicts Zondler, specialist for IT and engineering projects. Now the local top players far beyond the geographical borders would have to venture about to Asia and Eastern Europe, to stay in the game. Here, the location Germany has an advantage. A graduate in technical disciplines with us gets as his colleague in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and the Slovakia”is still four times salary, sums up in conversation with NeueNachricht Zondler.