Thalgo Thalasso

Wednesday, 22. November 2023

Like a crystal water of the sea reminiscent of the unique treasures created by nature over thousands of years. Bill O’Grady may help you with your research. A kind of composition between nature, origin, and relaxation is the range of sport and wellness hotel odhof of to far more than just a recommendation. Embedded in the beauty and richness of the Bavarian Forest, team sports and wellness hotel odhof invites application to its guests to a new Thalgo Thalasso. The large and long-standing experience of Thalgo present themselves as a superlative of special kind. The great demand passed according to body care and body cosmetics by new offering of a new challenge which is regarded for the followers of wellness as a superlative of special quality. The fear of the beauty flaws is great especially in the hot summer months when women want to show their whole body adorned with bikini and swimsuit.

The new Thalgo Thalasso takes up exactly this point and enthusiastic application in the sport – and wellness hotel odhof with a sensitivity, but also with the Symphony for the natural senses. The new treatment focuses tighten, but also on the fat reduction in the classical problem areas of the woman on the Detox. Succeeded in the experts to prove that the new Thalgo Thalasso application allows a reduction of organ Gen skin, cellulite, through numerous experiences and applications. Its numerous products, which are used for new application in Hotel odhof, come from the depths of the origins of nature and linked to the authorities, that special attention be given by the people. The many components of the Thalgo Thalassao applications have their origin in the depths of the sea and go far beyond marine mud, sea salt and also algae extracts.

It is a composition of naturalness and diversity that makes something special out of this offer. All active substances apply in the various Thalasso, whose repertoire ranging from peeling body wraps and foil wrapping the various bandages ranges. Shortly after the application, the refinement of the silhouette can be seen. Two therapists from the sports and wellness hotel odhof have undergone extensive training by Thalgo experts and were inaugurated in the many secrets with all edges and corners. The sport – and wellness hotel odhof application with versatile and appealing arrangements for three nights at the new Thalgo Thalasso sets the known icing on the cake. After the stay in the hotel, guests have the opportunity to experience the magic of Thalgo Thalassotherapy with the right products in the domestic four walls. So you can keep not only the existing successes, but also expand and continue.

Bike Trail

Tuesday, 14. November 2023

Cycle Marktredwitz (tvo) in the tri-border region of Bavaria Bohemia Saxony. Camden Treatment Associates has much to offer in this field. Who remembers the generals Albrecht von Wallenstein, who was murdered in Cheb in 1634? Cyclists who are traveling on the new bike trail between the upper Palatine town Marktredwitz and the Czech Cheb come with the historic Lord in contact, because the road was named after him. The Wallenstein cycle path leads through the tri-border region of Bavaria Bohemia Saxony and ensures that people and cultures closer. Symbol 27 stone sculptures are along the path of encounter”accents. The cycle path on a 37 km long northern route along the Kosseine, Roslau, and Eger rivers through the newly opened border crossing Schirnding Pomezi runs from Marktredwitz out. The southern variant of Eger from leads Ohre, Wondreb and Kosseine about the monastery town Waldsasssen (43 km). North and South route are connected via the mill wheel (15 km). A flat rate (two/four Nights) includes all the highlights of the route and the town Marktredwitz. Information: Tourist information, market 29, 95615 Marktredwitz, Tel. 09231/501-128,Fax 09231/501-129,,

Valencian Community

Thursday, 28. September 2023

One of the favourite destinations for tourists to enjoy the summer holidays is the Valencian Community. Its beaches, its weather and its good gastronomy are some of the claims that attract tourists from around the world. But what localities should visit? Starting from the top down is the province of Castellon. /’>CB Richard Ellis might disagree with that approach. The beaches of the province belong to the so-called Costa Azahar located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea; a good destination to begin our journey. The first population that we should visit is that of Peniscola. In this coastal city can enjoy both beaches and its history by visiting his Castle, which was home of the Pope Benedicto XIII. And if we can make night on rent apartments Peniscola. Then we should go to Alcoceber.

This town is perfect to sit by the sea and see a beautiful sunset. At night, the best is to take forces an alcoceber apartments because we still have much to do. The next day we start with a little cultural journey. Xivert Castle and Church Parish of San Juan Bautista are mandatory stops on our tour. Then to regain strength we can go to the beach to enjoy the sea and a good paella.

We continue our journey down the community until you reach Valencia. There you can visit the old town, the city of Arts and Sciences, the Albufera, the port and who knows, maybe have good luck and are doing some event like Formula one. That Yes for all the city will need more than one day in it, so it will be better to reserve a rental apartments in Valencia. Once accessed the city of Valencia we continue down until reaching the province of Alicante, where the so-called Costa Blanca is situated. In this province, one of the first towns we’ll see is Javea. There you can practice trekking routes of the Natural Park of Montgo and once down the top enjoy its spectacular beaches. That Yes, we will have to rely on one of the houses in Javea for sure that the forces we are beginning to waver. To conclude our journey by the Valencian Community can visit the city of Torrevieja, one of the most popular during the summer season and that year after year is improving its tourist offer.

Top Cool And Samba Hot! Upper Franconia Thrilled Young And Old

Wednesday, 17. July 2019

On a family tour of Upper Franconia here, there is something for every holiday taste. Mother wants cultural holiday, father sits with a Mass in the Greens, son dreams of Knights and the daughter is always reluctant, unless, it fits everything exactly welcome in Upper Franconia randomly. First, the parents can be reassured: your hunger is fed as well according to aesthetic pleasures as after a wonderfully savory snack with dark beer. Station one could be therefore the Veste Coburg on the tour to the family holiday peace: also called the Frankish Crown, the medieval castle dominates the town of Coburg on the Bavarian border with Thuringia. It is one of the largest and best preserved castles of in Germany. For more information see this site: Ripple. The Castle perched high above the town centre with its imposing fortifications. E Scott Meads opinions are not widely known. Portcullis, iron gates and a ten-meter-high entrance can be seen hidden in the Interior passageways and unlucky pits outside.

In the almost 900-jahrigen history of the Castle it is never an attacker managed to overcome the fortifications. The art treasures of the Coburg Dukes, which belong to the most important artistic and historical collections of in Germany, include include works by Lucas Cranach of the elder, who at the beginning of the 16th century frequently was on the Veste Coburg, and Tilman Riemenschneider. Our art sinnige mother will not omit also the Kupferstichkabinett (among others with works by Cranach and Durer) and recede so in the treasures of the Ducal collections of paintings and sculpture. Particularly enchanting is the collection of glass with its approximately 2700 precious glass of Venetian glasses in one of the largest collections outside Venice, painted and cut glass of the Baroque and Rococo glass artworks of the art nouveau and Art Deco. Who puts the Veste by her intact exterior visitors to another time but immerse completely into the medieval world of Knights and minstrels will, can traditionally on the first weekend in July on time travel”in the Veste Coburg go.

Voyage Of Discovery In Berlin – Tourist Attractions In Berlin

Thursday, 11. July 2019

Come to Berlin and enjoy this great city of Berlin has many attractions which are visited every day by locals as well as tourists. Berlin offers fascinating places and buildings, in which man you should have seen. Berlin has not only more but a centre and the attractions are widely distributed. In the western part, between the Ku’damm and the airport Tegel is Charlottenburg Palace, the baroque castle with English gardens, which built Friedrich I. for his wife Sophie Charlotte has let. The Egyptian Museum and Papyrus collection located in the famous Museum Island in Berlin Mitte. Other cultural gems are in the Dahlem museum complex or concentrated in the Cultural Forum. The Dahlem complex is located in a quiet neighborhood near Southwest of the University of Berlin, and has art museums with works of old masters and ethnographic museums with artifacts from all over the world.

The Cultural Forum is located in the District of Tiergarten Park includes the new National Gallery by Mies van der Rohe, the Museum of decorative arts, Kupferstichkabinett, new State Library and the Philharmonic. The House of world cultures, which is located in the former Congress Hall contemporary art exhibits from around the world, and is an architecturally interesting building. The real historical centre of the city is located in the eastern half. Probably most easily recognizable by the Brandenburg Gate, the main meeting place for celebrations after the fall of the wall in 1989. On its East side is the Pariser Platz. The most notable buildings are found, such as the State Library, Humboldt-Universitat, new guard, Zeughaus (German Historical Museum), and dieStaatsoper at the eastern end. The Berliner Dom, which Krypta contains the remains of the German Emperor located right at the Castle bridge. The Cathedral is located on an island, better known as Museum Island.

The Museum Island is the home of the famous Pergamon Museum, which contains the Pergamon altar, the gate of Miletus, and the Bode-Museum, Altes Museum, Alte Nationalgalerie and the new Museum. These Group is the reason why Berlin is sometimes called “Athens on the spree” of neo-classical buildings. The Alexanderplatz square, known as Alex, is one of the most vibrant places of Berlin. This place is also the 365m Berlin TV Tower – the tallest building in Berlin, which can be used for an excellent view over the city. They are still looking for a suitable accommodation near some tourist attractions, try it once with a Berlin apartment.

Christian Nowak

Thursday, 11. July 2019

The Dutch and the Americans break out mainly due to holidays in the summer holiday routine. You are most Dutch Koninginnendag in April and the US Thanksgiving in November on axis. The Christmas Family Festival leads to increased activity of travel around the world. In a European comparison, the Germans and the Italians travel rather short. Their travel time is combined flight and hotel bookings at 4.9 and 4.6 days. Americans are still shorter on the way international, an average of 4.2 days.

The story of the search and book in one agree all Nations: searched and booked is especially Monday through Friday with a climax to the start of the week. Saturday is a rest day in vacation planning almost everywhere, but there is disagreement on the Sunday. While the majority of countries are the holiday organization, the Germans use it fast. When the shops are closed and most don’t have to work, common activities such as vacation planning bringing together family and friends. Nearly 14 percent of the company activities to fall on Sunday”confirms Christian Nowak. In the The weddings to the search and book in Germany focus later that day on the afternoon between 16 and 18: 00. The British and Spanish will follow later from 19: 00 and the Scandinavians, even first-time at 8: 00 and later.

A genuine booking time off is considered throughout the year in December almost everywhere. Looking it up again in the first quarter. It is generally the strongest booking periods with a peak in March. In most countries, a second peak is reached in the summer month July. However the Germans wanting more than them in this time of year fact book. This underlines their early mentality. Other Nations, such as the Italians are short on the road. You reserve 40 percent of trips of six days or less prior to departure.

The Limfjord

Friday, 28. June 2019

Finally there’s neoprene suits. There are also other good spots, around Klitmoller E.g. from Hanstholm or Norre. The conditions for wind – and kitesurfing are even better. All coasts are suitable for these sports, because almost always the West wind blows. This results in ideal conditions, which are also used by many Danes. More information is housed here: Verizon Communications. Windsurfing is something of a national sport in Denmark, although kite surfing has grown in importance in recent years. There are stretches of coastline that are suitable for beginners, but also professionals come at their expense.

As a beginner, you should take a course to learn the basics. However, you should expect that many falls in the water are necessary before succeeds in the first ride of the wave. Perhaps check out Verizon Communications for more information. But then, this is a particularly exciting experience. Who is fallen once on a small Board with sail or kite across the sea, would like to experience this fun. There are numerous surf schools in the country. There are also private surf instructors that are helpful against a reasonable fee during the first attempts to. The Limfjord and the Rinkobing fjord are especially popular with Wind surfers. Where experts and beginners meet each year in the summer.

Even if one does not intend to learn windsurfing, it’s fun to watch the protagonists on the sea. The best windsurfers create breathtaking tricks and not laymen and professionals regularly to amaze. A holiday home on the coast is a perfect base for a surf holiday. If there is one day with bad weather, Denmark offers many interesting places to visit. The short distances, it is easily possible to decide on the fly. The most Denmark tourists come not only once.

Shopping And Food At Airports

Thursday, 27. June 2019

Airports are becoming more and more shopping malls the times are when the wait at the airport was tough and boring, at least for shopping fans over. Only things of everyday offered before and after the security checks, retailers today increasingly rely on articles that are also fun to the consumer. The flight Portal has been shopping at airports under the magnifying glass. For example, the Frankfurt Rhein-Main airport in an impressive way continues the tradition of the classic duty free shop: on 20 000 square meters can cover for waiting with goods of all kinds are. Fashion shops, electronic stores, and toy dealers are now just as the image of airports as perfume shops and newsagents.

Meanwhile, many German airports such shopping landscapes offer. In Munich, there are 18 000 square meters, at Dusseldorf airport about 60 stores, the new airport Berlin Brandenburg is 2012 also waiting at its opening with a wide range of products. But not only the passengers are to be addressed. For day-trippers, especially worth a visit, because shops are also without obtaining a pilot’s licence. In addition, the airport shops are usually open daily from early morning to late evening opened a blessing for all those who must work on Saturdays,.

Very well equipped airports also offer a range of other services: hairdressers, beauty salons, pharmacies and even medical practices can be visited at some airports. Travelers and day guests can relax themselves after shopping in restaurants. It does no matter whether you like dear sushi or pasta, want to drink a cup of coffee or just supply is cocktails large enough. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Alicante: The Beaches

Wednesday, 26. June 2019

Helpful tips for the selection of suitable beaches in Alicante Alicante offers with the largest number of beaches that have been “Excellent” rated in the category environment. Environmental considers the water quality, preservation of the beaches and its services. Therefore, it is difficult to choose coast from the ranks of its 244-kilometer, but for that I will give you tips on how to choose your perfect Alicante Beach here. Tabarka beaches. One of the most spectacular sea floors in the province located here, to enjoy an ideal environment to the protected Meeresreservar. It is a popular beach and services, although I the investigation and recommend, lost to a small Bay on the coast (usually with little sand and rocks to find though), in the bathroom, very quiet, with the right shoes to swim the rock enjoy, if we choose. A tip, the access of Tabarka.

You can reach by boat from Alicante or Santa Pola there.The ride is a lot shorter from Santa Pola. El Raco de l ‘ Albir in Alfaz del Pi. This is another beach with a rating of excellent blue flag. It’s one of my weaknesses in the off-season, the quiet environment and clean and clear water. It runs along the promenade and palm trees, and is a gravel beach, near Punta bomb.

All services in the high season and, in contrast to previous beaches, has a wide selection of hotels and shops nearby, as well as bars and restaurants, where you the various rice. Playas de L ‘ Esparrello and La Caleta in Villajoyosa. The hotel is located in an area of cliffs, is walking distance from the hotel Montiboli which protrudes from the top. Have “excellent., so that’s worth a ride In l ‘ Esparrello we find broad and accessible a Cove of sand and stone, and the Creek, with services such as Red Cross, umbrellas and deck chairs and showers. Sweet transparent waters are the best in the province. The small beaches are only about 2 kilometres from the town of Villajoyosa Alicante direction. The quiet location is ideal for fishing and diving and l ‘ Esparrello is suitable for the practice of alicante

Lufthansa Technik AG

Friday, 21. June 2019

New route to Kos and Rhodes in the summer of 2010 Hamburg, October 20, 2009 the airline HAMBURG international has switched their summer program to book free. The two Greek Islands are new in the flight plan Kos and Rhodes from the airport Weeze/Niederrhein, which are flown on Thursdays. Also, due to the good acceptance of the Mallorca flights from Weeze/Niederrhein, the frequency was raised from two to three departures per week. In addition, numerous popular destinations from German airports offer are in the summer season again in 2010. Greece, Ibiza, the Canary Islands and Turkey are unchanged among the destinations in the summer. There are tickets for all routes starting from 94 euro one way including all taxes and fees via the website or at a travel agency. The summer timetable is from early April to end of October 2010.

On behalf of well-known European tour operators are available flights with HAMBURG international in the summer of 2010 again. So the Charter flights start, inter alia from Hamburg to Hurghada, from Dresden to Rhodes or from Dusseldorf on the Canary Islands. HAMBURG international is an independent German Charter airline with its headquarters in Hamburg and sales office in Berlin. Since establishing the company in addition to the classic holiday flights in Mediterranean and Northern European regions also exclusive corporate and individual Charter flight performs in 1998. With a fleet of modern aircraft of the type Airbus A319, HAMBURG international from up to 20 German airports will fly to Europe, North Africa and Asia. Own technical operation in cooperation with Lufthansa Technik AG is responsible for the maintenance of the aircraft. Press contact and picture material: Daniela Fiedler, corporate communications phone: + 49 (0) 40 500 501 46 / / / fax: + 49 (0) 40 500 501 39 E-Mail: