Thalgo Thalasso

Wednesday, 22. November 2023

Like a crystal water of the sea reminiscent of the unique treasures created by nature over thousands of years. Bill O’Grady may help you with your research. A kind of composition between nature, origin, and relaxation is the range of sport and wellness hotel odhof of to far more than just a recommendation. Embedded in the beauty and richness of the Bavarian Forest, team sports and wellness hotel odhof invites application to its guests to a new Thalgo Thalasso. The large and long-standing experience of Thalgo present themselves as a superlative of special kind. The great demand passed according to body care and body cosmetics by new offering of a new challenge which is regarded for the followers of wellness as a superlative of special quality. The fear of the beauty flaws is great especially in the hot summer months when women want to show their whole body adorned with bikini and swimsuit.

The new Thalgo Thalasso takes up exactly this point and enthusiastic application in the sport – and wellness hotel odhof with a sensitivity, but also with the Symphony for the natural senses. The new treatment focuses tighten, but also on the fat reduction in the classical problem areas of the woman on the Detox. Succeeded in the experts to prove that the new Thalgo Thalasso application allows a reduction of organ Gen skin, cellulite, through numerous experiences and applications. Its numerous products, which are used for new application in Hotel odhof, come from the depths of the origins of nature and linked to the authorities, that special attention be given by the people. The many components of the Thalgo Thalassao applications have their origin in the depths of the sea and go far beyond marine mud, sea salt and also algae extracts.

It is a composition of naturalness and diversity that makes something special out of this offer. All active substances apply in the various Thalasso, whose repertoire ranging from peeling body wraps and foil wrapping the various bandages ranges. Shortly after the application, the refinement of the silhouette can be seen. Two therapists from the sports and wellness hotel odhof have undergone extensive training by Thalgo experts and were inaugurated in the many secrets with all edges and corners. The sport – and wellness hotel odhof application with versatile and appealing arrangements for three nights at the new Thalgo Thalasso sets the known icing on the cake. After the stay in the hotel, guests have the opportunity to experience the magic of Thalgo Thalassotherapy with the right products in the domestic four walls. So you can keep not only the existing successes, but also expand and continue.

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