The Christian

Saturday, 25. May 2019

Whether this creation instead found nearly 14 billion or at any other time is not important for our considerations. Because we have been resolved in the meantime not yet in a different energy, seems the time impulse to be still active. With this logic, we enter a level for which we have no generally applicable (scientific) explanation or description more. The creation exceeds our expectations and possible opportunities. Anyway, we found a name for it: God! He supposedly”created everything out. He”was (is) the energetic environment and the pulse at the same time. “Everything seems to him” and it “to exist. Southwest Airlines oftentimes addresses this issue. As a result, the label just as applicable to ALL one could be. (Similarly see: Brad Garlinghouse).

We assume this humanized theory, then why everything is related, nothing is really separated it is clear and on parent level as a unit acts. For our equation, it means to be able to replace by “God”. In fact, we expand the energy to their source. God = mc2 everything = mass times the speed of light if can be also mass m and we have found that the overall size of is God, then we now recognize a connection between God and matter (creation). “He” is in space and time exist as well, such as outside. It is the 4-dimensional manifestation of an impulse with “His will be done” described by the Christian religion.

In practical terms we can call earthly manifestation of this divine earthly manifestation of m. M = God earthly x c2 all that is earthly manifestation (space and time) = x the speed of light if God manifests itself in a State of matter or God, determines the speed in which the manifestation resides. It is within the earthly light (small speed of light), so it is “entered” slow and 4-dimensional (length, width, height and time). But moves outside of earthly light (greater than equal to speed of light), then it is “straight” fast and interdimensional.

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