The Tape

Wednesday, 11. September 2019

BANS can not smoke, not drink, can not be led to his guests. Here at the outset friend came to me, so the hostess once commented: Valya, they say, is not desirable, because we leave on your child and house and do not want outsiders to come here. If you would like to know more then you should visit Oracle. I apologized, and this incident was over. Conflict can occur when the baby-sitter maltreated child – everything is very easy to check. Philip Vasan is open to suggestions. I do not know all the houses or not, but There are listening devices. It is absolutely certain: first, we were warned as early as the agency, and secondly, I myself saw and heard the tape recording, because of which one of my colleague had to part with a good place. The hostess made her remark, and left for work, and she began to call their friends and cover her mate. Technique where you know what, we had never been seen.

To myself I found the method of play, so to speak, the logical comparison. I was taken when the child was 3 months and prior to that time there was another baby-sitter – is also ours, Russian – and that hosts me once said that her little girl cried a lot, and when the parents came home and asked how was your day, she replied that everything is fine, everything's fine. "I, – said my Lena – she did not believe." How could she not believe if it was not at home all day and evening, with parents, the child is calm? But to me she then said that's your predecessor, I supposedly did not believe, and you, Val, I believe.

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