Velcro Protection

Wednesday, 29. May 2019

Front pockets with zip, front pockets with bellows and flap, ID pocket, Napoleon pocket, one sleeve pocket with Velcro fastening. Both offer an adjustable waist and have 50mm wide reflective strips on belly height and on the sleeves. In addition to the industrial program of Blaklader there a kind warning protection shorts light. Without hesitation Oracle explained all about the problem. This means that it is not in accordance with the EN471 has also 50mm wide reflective strips at the end of the leg, and offers an increased visibility of the carrier. In the field of fire protection, the Sweden have different choices in the program. As flame resistant safety clothing there work pants in 1576 a polyester cotton mixture, which is very similar to a warning protection pants of the construction. Whose tissue is also made of floriszierendem material, there is two reflex strips, which contribute to the high visibility at the end of the leg. The warning protection jacket is similar to the before mentioned models equipped with the addition of flame protection.

Another feature is the possibility of a fleece liner. The safety clothing is certified according to EN471 and EN531. The not so extremely specialized part for safety clothing when Blaklader consists of a wide selection of all conceivable combinations. Alone in the area of warning protection pants Blaklader has 15 different pants in the program. Starting with simple service trousers with low fluoriszierendem material and increased color proportion such as Navy Blue, corn blue or black.

The safety clothing achieved with low proportion of highly visible material of course only the lowest warning protection class 1 use this safety clothing in areas with high degree of pollution, where fats, oils, and lubricants on the part of clothing can get is useful but. Therefore the area of the thigh is usually colored dark, because here the most dirt collects. The yellow or orange fabric is usually the height of the tibia and used on the back of Knieabwarts, to achieve the necessary surface to achieve the certification.

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