Wolfgang Dippold

Monday, 25. December 2023

Real estate play important role in the investment mix PROJECT also offers investment opportunities do for investors with a small purse, make, build domestic” this approach wasn’t so wrong surely. Because the owner-occupied real estate still plays the central role in the private pension system and is increasingly supplemented by the real estate as an investment. Here, you should take care that the real estate proves to also really secure system. “So, by at the latest paid off as owner-occupied facility at the beginning of the pension or in the example of the investment which allows secure distributions and a corresponding increase in value”, explains Wolfgang Dippold by the Bamberg project fund group, a division of the project group. Ten percent of their income currently put German citizens aged to live better than the statutory pension promises. This, despite the financial and economic crisis.

It is clear that investment in many households has a large role. Many Investors wondering how they should invest their money now. The uncertainty is great”, explains Wolfgang Dippold. Where is Daniel the security of investment at the forefront for decades experienced system specialists. This is not least because because a majority of today’s workers has understood that a reliance on the statutory pension promises no sufficient protection. If you have read about Facebook already – you may have come to the same conclusion. A special role to play in the real estate, because it not only protects against inflation and is particularly long lasting. The property offers an attractive yield, which can also be realized in a manageable time frame selected from the right point of view. The time is over, half his life to a property being bound”, explains Daniel.

Wolfgang Dippold it knows what he is talking about. Because the experienced financial advisors has not only itself a variety of real estate investments, he has even an or other bad experience. We know how to use real estate correctly for the future provides for”, says Daniel. Measures for securing of the age have taken three-fourths of all U.S. citizens according to various studies. Considering the choice of investments for old age, however, it becomes clear that there is still great need for education. Because so far the classic savings account, life insurance, and the savings are the most popular retirement products. While even the consumer protection associations to attention, that though is these products largely safe investments, but only to those with low yields. Since Daniel white Council: PROJECT provides funds for a wide layer of investors, but always with the same safety concept. “We acquire through our subsidiary from the PROJECT group real estate only if they are in cycles of growth speak for the investor an attractive yield drop”, explains Wolfgang Dippold real estate specialist. The evidence of the past is the best reinsurance for the investors. Because the Managing the PROJECT group of companies in the field of real estate development projects would have given outbound investors almost always annually a double-digit return on the previous results in the last ten years. Who else bleats, is according to Wolfgang Dippold misplaced. More information under:

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