Fire Insurance

Friday, 31. July 2015

The Act defines it as one insurance contract by which the insurer undertakes within the limits established by law and the contract to compensate the damage caused by fire in the insured object. It is considered a fire, the combustion flame and the abrasive, able to spread, an object or objects that were not intended to be burned at the time and place where it occurs. Finance Leader The insured should be described in the policy, the law in art. 46 describes the property to be included in the notion of furniture: things in common or ordinary use of the insured, his family, dependents and others who live with, excluding, unless otherwise agreed, the insurance cover the damage caused the fire in public or private securities, trade purposes, banknotes, precious stones and metals, art objects and other valuables kept in the insured object while proving its existence and destruction and damage the casualty. If one includes the damage caused by the action by the authority or the insured to prevent or extinguish the fire cut the transport costs of rescue or the insured and his disappearance, unless the insurer proves that were stolen. Not covered the so-called indirect damage such as a change in alignment of the buildings affected, lack of use or lease, the termination of the contract, the suspension or cessation of work, lack of profit or any other injury analogue. The obligation to indemnify is imposed when the fire was caused by fortuitous event, from strangers and ill own negligence or people who are responding civilly, but not those caused by malice or gross negligence of the insured, and that the destruction or deterioration of the objects upon which rests the insured interest occurs in the place described in the policy, unless your shipment has previously been accepted by the insurer. This type of insurance can also cover, through a loading, the risk and the use of locative neighbors. So the risk locative refers to the responsibility of the insured, a tenant of the building damaged, compared to the same owner, and the responsibility of the owner against the tenants, or even against third parties. The risk of neighbors is called Forbes the action on the civil liability CONSEA

Auto Insurance

Monday, 27. July 2015

Car insurance are a great alternative that offer enterprises today to cover all those economic losses suffered on the car of anyone. Both the insurance companies and large consortia of insurance tend to offer users all kinds of car insurance customers are entirely satisfied with the service they offer to step that generate profits and good name for the company. Undoubtedly, the great patrimonial value that have cars in today for the generality of people who live in the city and in rural areas surrounding the cities. Car insurance are necessary for people not so much by its practical utility, although it must be acknowledged that the utility of a car is a great value that is added to the validity of car insurance, but also because car insurance help to the owner of this ensure equity losses which may be suffered by a rather considerable value as it is automobile. Car insurance can cover all sorts of vicissitudes that may happen to your car already by some accident by calamity not expected, by mechanical difficulties, for damage not caused by the owner’s insurance, etc.

In any case, car insurance help their users well have a patrimonial guarantee about as important as it is the car of people for situations that no one is safe and that generally you cannot avoid. Insurance companies offer their customers all kinds of car insurance, which offer all sorts of services, among which may be appointed by now car theft insurance, insurance against traffic accidents automobile, car travel assistance insurance limited to certain miles, car insurance including legal defense in the event of problems by traffic accident, motor insurance including legal defence in the case of fines, car insurance that cover cases of rupture moons, motor insurance that cover cases of fire, car insurance covering the damages to the vehicle without a franchise, etc, etc, etc. As you can see, car insurance include the coverage of many of the difficulties and losses that may suffer on the car or cause to make use of your car. Within these safe insurance companies offer their customers all sorts of services that can be contracted according to the needs of the user. Thus, customer who is looking for car insurance can ask the services you need and do not have to sign many contracts for each of the contingencies that you want to cover, nor have to hire all the services offered by the company, but that with the insurance company agrees to what services you need and thus hires those who are more chords with their needs. As we can see, car insurance are an excellent alternative to all those people who have a car. These insurance policies are especially important for those who make periodic and necessary use of your car and also for those people whose car has a considerable equity cost that justifies the investment in one of these contracts.