EBay Gives The ZLA Quality Seal

Saturday, 30. August 2014

eBay the Kassel ZLA quality label gives plentySystems eBusiness software plentyMarkets, 05.06.2008 – plentySystems (www.plentysystems.de) awarded plentyMarkets from eBay for powerful eCommerce solution with the quality seal of the ZLA. The “eBay of certified solution provider” (ZLA) program was created to give a seal of quality tool manufacturers and service providers around eBay. It helps you choose of appropriate providers and solutions for buyers and sellers on eBay. The eBusiness software plentyMarkets belongs now to the ten previously selected solution providers. eBay certified solution providers carefully selects and sets criteria which each certified solution providers must meet. ZLAs are quality checked and thus stand out from the other software solutions tested in regarding the technical compatibility. On the occasion of the ceremony of the ZLA-quality seal, the eBusiness software plentyMarkets, with a new concise presents itself Price structure. All plentyMarkets complete packages are now equipped with affordable flat-rate tariffs.

Online retailers now have an even greater cost certainty with product: 0,-Listingkosten, 0,-transaction fee and 0,-Sales Commission! “The eBusiness software plentyMarkets is steady further development to the needs of its users to a leading product in the segment innovative eCommerce solutions matured. I am very pleased that the paid efforts were rewarded by the quality seal of the ZLA. The plentySystems team is game to seize the opportunities arising from this and in future make sure that plentyMarkets user e-business easier, faster and more efficient to complete her”, so Jan Griesel, CEO of plentySystems, to the ceremony of the ZLA quality seal. plentySystems eBusiness software plentyMarkets “, has developed a user friendly eCommerce solution for hassle-free online trading on the world’s largest market places. With plentyMarkets online retailers manage your entire e-business automated and in real-time: online shop (B2B & B2C), sales processing, content management, billing, inventory management, after sales management, returns management or fullfilment: plentyMarkets enables the complete and fully integrated processing of e-commerce. Interested parties can test plentyMarkets 30 days free of charge and without obligation the eBusiness software:… plentyMarkets user maintain only once their item master data an and populate from plentyMarkets out: the webshop, online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Yatego, Auvito, Pixplace, Mercateo, Gimahhot etc or price search engines like billiger.de, shopping.com, kelkoo, idealo.de and many more. All generated orders are re imported automatically into the plentyMarkets system. PlentyMarkets import functions for simple data transfer from Afterbuy and auction master systems holds for new customers. Also the complete customer and item master data from XT-commerce or osCommerce systems can in plentyMarkets are adopted.

STS Organizations

Thursday, 28. August 2014

If you going to work in St. Petersburg and choose between the STS-6 STS-10, then you only need to define more or less than 40% of the costs will be from income. If the costs of 40% * income, then you as the object of taxation should be choose income minus expenses. If the cost of 40% * income, you need to choose a taxable income. For regions in which the USN (revenues minus expenses) are taxed at 15% ratio is the same as as for organizations in St.

Petersburg, but instead of 40% is necessary to substitute 60%. It should be noted that the parties to the contract of simple partnership (contract on joint activity) or an agreement on trust management can be used as the object of taxation, but income minus expenses. The newly created organization has the right to go to USN in applying the tax authority within 5 days from the date of registration. Also statement about the transition to SST can be made in the documents submitted for registration of legal entity or individual entrepreneur. From 2010 to 2012, the organization may apply if the USN in the reporting period (Year) earnings have not exceeded 60 million rubles. May not apply USN: Organizations have branches and representative offices, or in which the share of other organizations is more than 25 percent, or an average for the period number of employees over 100 people, or the residual value of tangible and intangible assets in excess of 100 thousand rubles. Organizations whose activities are concerned with: the production of excisable goods, mining and realization of mineral resources; gambling. Banks, insurers, pension funds, investment funds, professional securities market participants, pawnshops, notaries and lawyers, budget institutions, foreign organizations.

Organization party to the production sharing agreements, as well as organizations apply a single agricultural tax. Simplified tax system is suitable for newly created organizations, the most profitable in terms of the amount of taxes, allows you to fully focus on growing the business, not wasting time on bookkeeping. The main disadvantage of this mode is the difficulty of working with organizations to apply the basis that want to get "input" VAT and VAT refund organization located on the USN Russian law does not provide. In other words, if your future organization is going to work mainly with large organizations and all products are targeted at those customers, you simply use basis, rather than the USN.

Managing Director Finance

Wednesday, 27. August 2014

Leader starts in the year of the customer. Frankfurt am Main, Germany 14 March 2013. Passion for building material trading year of customer”the motto of the Executive meeting of the Saint-Gobain building distribution GmbH (SGBDD) at the beginning of the year was 2013, on 8th and 9th February 2013 in Dusseldorf took place. Conducting business gave the strategy and objectives for the year 2013, after a year in review: we want to again grow stronger as the market as us 2011 clearly has succeeded, “so Udo Brandt, Chief Executive Officer. In the areas relevant to the SGBDD of the German construction industry the company assumes a slight growth of two to three percent. To achieve the growth targets, it is to be better targeted control of sales and still more targeted use salesperson in the sales.

Dieter Babiel, Managing Director staff, Frank Baker, Sales Manager HBM and Knut Sachdeva, Managing Director Finance, Thomas Esser, Director purchasing, and Axel Berger, Director Marketing explained what potential in their areas to use are, to reach the next level in the successful marketing and become even more successful. “In the year of the customer puts the SGBDD on the roof and extended its network of 45 FSC – and PEFC certified offices on 53: rehabilitation and solar energy will be from our point of view in the building materials trade becoming increasingly important, therefore we focus especially on the area of wood and roof construction.” explained Udo Brandt. To the position as a market leader in the German builders merchants also 2013 to maintain and expand the areas of e-commerce, price management and supplier management are the most important tasks in the current fiscal year in addition to current market developments. Also for Benoit Bazin, President of the main Division builders merchants and Senior Vice President of Compagnie de Saint-Gobain, the internal growth objective for the building trade of Saint-Gobain remains group in Germany.

Financial Organizations

Wednesday, 27. August 2014

According to a sentence that has confirmed the Provincial Hearing of Murcia. The resource presented/displayed by the financial organization has misestimated. The Provincial Hearing of Murcia has confirmed the sentence dictated by a court of First Instance of Cartagena against Bankinter, that has been condemned to pay 58,000 Euros to one clienta not to inform to him on the risks into an investment in participation of a bank of Iceland. The court of Cartagena condemned the demanded bank to give back this sum, matters of the investment done by clienta, to which there will be to discount " what this one has perceived for yield of the values object of contrato". Facebook may not feel the same. The Provincial Hearing, that has rejected the resource presented/displayed by the organization, indicates that Bankinter did not facilitate to the buyer of the financial product all the information demanded by the effective legislation. The court emphasizes that " intermediate the financial organization that or takes part professionally in the acquisition on the part of a client of a certain financial product has the essential obligation to inform to him, previously, and with the sufficient detail, of the characteristics of the same, in order that it can make his investing decision with sufficient knowledge of causa". It adds that " this obligation to inform must insure, of special form, the concrete risks that rrida takes with himself investment, without the bank can come to a merely formal fulfillment of that obligation by the route to realise a brief description of the product in which simply the yields are emphasized and they become blurred riesgos".

The sentence, of which the magistrate has been rapporteur Jose Joaquin Hervs, says that to the contract " it did not indicate, of express form, the possibility that the client lost, total or partially, the invested capital, limiting itself to do rrencia to " ratings" of the emission that, by their technical character, only can suitably be interpreted by professional investors or other people with a high culture financiera". The Hearing concludes that " the lack of information on the part of the bank on the risks of the investment has to generate corresponding civil responsibility for this one, to not to have been able the plaintiff to recover the invested capital, without that one has credited that yes is possible that recovery nor that acquired prrentes participation at the time have at present some economic value real". The sentence, when rejecting the resource presented/displayed by Bankinter against the sentence of the court of First Instance, condemns to this bank to the payment of the coasts generated by the same. Source of the news: Bankinter will give back 58,000 to one clienta not to warn of the risk of investing in Iceland

Achieve Financial Freedom

Sunday, 17. August 2014

There are many people who wonder achieve financial freedom? and one of the keys to this is to learn how to set and achieve financial goals. Each January invest time evaluating my finances. And why? Because if plans are not current. The financial plans that you have established based on who was and who wanted a year ago, not today’s reality. Many things change in a year, and even more in five years or more, you should not go through life according to old plans. You ever stopped one day and you realize that the race for the one you worked so was not precisely what you wanted or expected, or that you missed on your way to the pinnacle of success? If you have raced with luck, that’s not happened to you, but I’m sure you know someone that if I pass something. If it happened to you, you know you worked hard for a career you wanted when you were 18. After the years you were married, had children and spent by many other changes.

That boy of 18 years is completely different than today and probably do not want the same things. Only now it’s harder to make changes or to start over. To your financial plans they may have been the same. Of the few people who take the time to establish a plan, many tend to settle and then not see them again ever. Over time become incorrect plans for what they want in life now and wonder And why not get where he wanted? Not going where they wanted when the set or in the following years by two main reasons, because it followed at the time and not updated since then.

But you can prevent this happen to you. I’ll give you four simple steps to improve your finances. 1. Take the time to review your financial year. They may be the last weeks of December and early January. a sto enables you to see your total income for the year now and set your financial goals for the new year. 2. Do not let little things involved. You should check your financial goals and establish a plan to achieve the Most people that set goals and precedence do not follow anything not to review them and follow them. 3. Check things done and done. Not only is seeing your financial goals, you must establish a step by step plan to achieve them, every time you check mark the things you’ve already completed and analyze whether you’re on track or you change something. 4. I know this can be overwhelming at first, but take the opportunity and space to know where you are going and where you want to go. Most people want to achieve financial freedom, and buy the luxury car and the house of your dreams, but reality is totally different. Take time to know if you’re on the way you want and if not to correct him here a For Your Success and Financial Freedom.

Global Financial Crisis

Friday, 15. August 2014

The crisis that lives the developed world will affect the markets with recession and escases of credits. The companies will have to fit their strategic plans to this new scene. Their main characteristics will be a fall in the demand and the prices, consequently the companies to have to improve their supplies to maintain or to increase their volumes of sales and to fit their structure of cost to continue being profitable. Integral Relational marketing Improvement of the supply. Before a crisis people become more cautious at the time of spending, delay the purchases that are not urgent and look for better prices. This happens as much to individual level as company. Up to here nothing new, only the bad news. The executives who want to maintain their sales will have to fit prices, to improve their supply or a combination of both.

The price reduction is always the wished strategy less. The election between the other two will depend much on the market, the demand and the strengths of the company. By all means, the ideal would be to improve the supply with some increase of price. In some cases this is possible by means of a reformulation of the product or service so that the value perceived by the client is greater to which it is wanted to him to receive. One of the functions of Marketing Relacional Integral (MRI) is to define the hidden factors that evaluate the client more and costs that consider at the time of buying. A buyer makes the following comparison: Price + cost of acquisition or value of the perceived product the level of analysis of the client will depend on important or the expensive thing that it is the product or service to acquire, but in major or measured minor the great majority considers these parameters. By acquisition cost it is understood like all cost, beyond the price, which the client incurs, is monetary or no.

For example, the cost of having to learn to use a new software is considered in the purchase of these products. In order to have a faithful knowledge of them it is necessary to realise studies cruzados of market and consumer, separating from the own preconceptions of that the product commercializes long ago. The Integral word in the MRI points a to detect factors of value and cost in all the structure of the company. Many clients lose themselves in sectors very different from the commercial ones. The S-value perception a subject very discussed. Many specialists only base their analysis on the objective segment. For the MRI in the evaluation of the supply they consider themselves, among others, to the consumer, the market, the company and the surroundings. For each supply it is possibly necessary to consider appraisal agents particular. Conclusion to maintain or to increase the yield the industralists will have better the perception of value of their supply and of lowering the cost sensation. It is an arduous task especially when one comes long ago working equal and with certain success, but the results are worth the pain. Some companies will need to incorporate enabled personnel or to contract external advising to obtain it.

Financial Beast

Friday, 15. August 2014

Are holiday bills shocking truth? Are you hoping that if you ignore your finances long enough, may themselves be fixed? Let’s compare our finances to a garden. If we neglect the garden, the weeds grow and take over. The garden gets so bad that not even want to watch! But with a little maintenance and tending the garden becomes a pleasure. The first step towards creating a happy financial garden is to learn to save. Why bother saving? Before delving into the place often afraid to know the amount of money entering and leaving, we must find a reason to dig deep. You need to know why you want to save mo’ney. Want to own your home, achieve financial independence, get a holiday home on an island? Or just want financial peace which is not worrying about money? Once you get that vision of what you want to accomplish you will have the motivation to examine its finances.

Financial Dream. How much does it cost to fulfill its vision? Resolve some figures, write your estimate. This is your financial goal. When to achieve their financial dreams? 5 years, 10 years, 20 years? Now you know, not just the amount needed when. This tells how much he must save each year to achieve your goal on time. Look at your finances. You can not bury our heads in the sand of the garden of your finances or chopping away with shrubs and weeds the size of the trees. You know what you want when you want and how much to save.

Financial Organization

Tuesday, 12. August 2014

Portaltic/EP One of each five electronic mails contains information that supposes a legal risk, financial or of fulfillment for the organization. Nevertheless, the main cause of the flight of data in the companies is the loss or robbery of equipment. A study assures that one each five electronic mails, a 20%, that leave the network of the companies, contain information that supposes a legal risk, financial or of fulfillment for the organization. The main cause of the flight of data in the companies is the loss or robbery of equipment, followed of attacks of network, the threats in the movable devices, Web 2,0, the shared applications and the shipment of messages of electronic mail to the adressee mistaken by accident. The certain thing is that the losses and robberies of data are constant that lately have been lived in the companies. One calculates that 77% of the organizations have undergone some loss of data in the last year and the electronic mail is one of the main holes of security, reason why is necessary to carry far safety precautions against hostile acts and possible confusions of workers.

It is necessary to consider that more of 80% of these losses of information which they take place is not deliberate. In addition, approximately 49% of the CIOs (js of information) survey think that their employees have little or no knowledge on the security of the data, the fulfillment and norms. A surprising number if we consider that the people usually are forward edge of dnsa in the organizations, according to CPS Technologies and the Ponemon Institute. Source of the news: 20% of emails of companies contain risk material

Global Financial System

Monday, 11. August 2014

Many causes turbulence which is currently suffering from the global financial system have been sought. I do not think that there is a single, guilty as every one must be responsible for their actions. It is obvious that those who years ago took their borrowing decisions considering that rates would remain indefinitely in 1% acted imprudently. It was very difficult that those such low levels were sustainable. But between June 2004 and June 2006 the FED multiplied by 5 its intervention rate, from 1% to 5%. This was probably the most irresponsible action of all. You can not multiply the types by 5 in 2 years and expect that everyone will be able to adapt that quickly.

5% Is not high, but multiply the types by 5 is an irresponsibility that has brought many of the problems that currently has the financial system. The management of interest rates should generate stability to the economy. These so sudden changes have caused the opposite effect, generating large doses of instability. We hope that from now on the new managers of the EDF will rectify and bring stability to the economy, that is the mission that have entrusted.

Telos House

Thursday, 7. August 2014

The Fund buys fully leased apartment buildings and Housing estates in perspective-rich layers of hamburger and performs harmless gross rent-energy improvements. The goal is the reduction of the consumption of primary energy in the area of inventory homes around 80%. “Energetic modernisation, tenants have benefits that were exposed in the last few years of the cost explosion in the field of energy,” says Rudolf Marloh, Managing Director of real estate 24 “price increases by up to 50% in 2010 they will cold while improved comfort through warm walls in the objects”. For information about Rudolf Marloh, in real estate 24. Sustainable residential real estate of return Fund: The return Fund, investing in apartment buildings and condominiums in North German metropolitan regions from year of manufacture 1960 and pursue energetically sustainable exploitation of the stock to be purchased. Residential buildings are responsible for more than 30% of primary energy demand.

Energetic modernisation of primary energy demand can be reduced depending on the year of manufacture up to 80% be. For the existing objects of the first Fund is a primary energy consumption of less than 100 kWh/m2a and a total savings of 102 million kWh respectively 10.2 million LTR. fuel oil intended. The energy saved could be generate heat insulation material for a city of more than 4,000 single family homes. The return fund combines a planned after tax profit by 6.9% p.a.

with the improved protection of tenants before energy prices continue to rise. The current payments amount to an average 4.6% per year starting at 2.7% in 2011 and rise to 7% per annum at the end of the term. At the end of the term, an additional payment to the investors from the forecasted sales gain is in addition to the current payments and the repayment of capital. With early consultation with the authorities potentially given social issues are taken into account by tenants. To the real estate 24: the real estate 24 GmbH has a successful performance record in the work area of the purchase, the Financing, development, management and marketing of apartment buildings and condominiums. Under the leadership of CEO Rudolf Marloh, the real estate 24 has GmbH between 2002 and 2005 an inventory of residential properties from Euro 6.8 million purchased, with a yield of 7percent managed and a pre-tax profit of 26Prozent marketed (IRR = 8% before taxes the GmbH). Previously, Mr. Marloh as Managing Director of Telos House and Grund GmbH of Hamburg from 1997 to 2000 had a residential property portfolio EUR 37.8 million purchased, with a yield of 9% managed and (IRR = 11% before taxes the GmbH) markets with a gain of 20 percent.