Employee Management

Monday, 26. March 2018

'Everything should be stated as simply as possible, but not prosche'Albert Einstein Introduction We live in an information age and information is now surrounds us everywhere. Experts estimate that every year and a half of information in the world doubles. Just look around – we now have a television, radio, Internet and cellular communications. Over time it becomes more and more television channels, radio stations, there are new sites and programs Internet, cell phones are gradually turning into PDAs. And all of these tools bring us more and more information.

Modern companies, whatever they did, also suffer the impact of increasing information flow. In your company all the time, received information by telephone, and e-mail, instant messengers, from faxes simply no end. All this – contracts with your customers and suppliers, specialist consultations, peregovory.I if I come in fairly large company and see that employees use as an Outlook address book or the same notebook, or even worse glued over the entire Monitor notes, I was visited by the feeling that this company has no future. Management Information Systems The more you communicate with your customer or supplier, the greater the amount of information you've already exchanged. Except addition, with the growth of the company increases the number of customers and suppliers. As a result, the amount of information increases dramatically.

If all these data do not organize, will simply chaos. Also, do not assume that all Your employees are working as it should. Often necessary to control quality and timing of their work.