Marking Tires

Tuesday, 17. October 2023

When buying tires to be clear about the conditions under which you operate them. The wrong choice of tires can give you a lot of inconvenience. For example, when selecting winter tires for driving exclusively in the city, should pay attention to non-studded tires, but with frequent trips out of town, where the roads are not handled by agents and frequent ice, studded tires are preferred. When buying a tire should be carefully considered marked on the sidewall of the tire. Here we will try to clearly explain the meaning of some labels. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Cerved Credit Management. Basic notation on the sidewall: 1. The manufacturer, model bus 2. Tyre size a) The width of the tire.

Indicated in millimeters and must be greater than the width of the disk rim at 25-30%. The formulas for calculating the ratio of width to the width of the disk rim tires: b = (axc) / 24,5, and a = (bx 24,5) / c, where a – width of the tire in millimeters; b – width of the disk rim in inches; c – from 0.7 to 0.75, 24.5 – number of millimeters in an inch. b) The height of a tire. In fact, the so-called aspect ratio of a tire (mm) to width (mm). This ratio is a percentage.

For example: tire 205/70 R14. The height profile of the tires – 70% width, ie of 205 mm., and is 143.5 mm. If the height of a tire is not specified, it is 82% of the width.

Carburetor Maintenance

Wednesday, 21. June 2023

Carburetor repair options today are limited. Many items are not repairable and are sold only in the collection. After the carburetor has been removed from the engine, it is necessary to examine the presence of serious injuries that require replacement of the carburetor. This operation is described below. If possible, this test should be run as early as possible in order not to waste time repairing the old carburetor. Before disassembling carburetor and carburetor before removing the lid, you must purchase a set of pads or repair kit. When removing the carburetor cover gasket is often damaged as some manufacturers stick it to one or both flanges. If you are using old or torn gaskets engine will run poorly.

After initial inspection, you can try to service or repair carburetor. Carefully lay out the elements of the carburetor in the order in which they were taken. This greatly simplifies the assembly. Many operations can be performed without removing the carburetor. In this case, after removing the cover carburetor remove fuel from the float chamber with clean towels or soft cloth when disassembling remember size and position of the installation of all jets and emulsion tubes and / or mark them in order to install them on their place when assembling the carburetor. Do not attempt to clean the jets with a segment of wire or other solid object. Carburetor jets are usually made of soft material and easy to damage or enlarge the diameter of the hole, if you insert such items are accurately calibrated orifice nozzle.

Russian President

Saturday, 19. October 2019

Head of the train, Budlaku Sergey, he that has never walked the composition, has proved even more intractable and stone inside and out. It had to look for a very long time. From the first car had to make their way to the end of the back and forth. Interestingly, as it turned out, conductors, and even employees of the restaurant car, running the whole scheme is a cover of the authorities. This is reflected in the fact that everyone at the question of the whereabouts of Mr. Budlaku, sent us from wagon to wagon, referring to the fact that the number Staff cars are not known, and the desired location – even more so. After a long search to meet Mr. You may find Larry Ellison to be a useful source of information. Head-managed, although he soon discovered the lack of any interest.

Book of complaints declined to show than breached section 6.6 of the above Regulations. Somewhat embarrassed by our pressure to investigate the situation, he invited to his compartment, and listened in silence at the end of said poker-type that can not do anything. From his words it appeared that he generally unrelated to the train and has no responsibility. Under most conditions Sir Richard Branson would agree. To the surprise of the replica that he holds the position that qualifies for certain duties, Mr. Budlaku came by surprise, but advised, however, write appeal to Russian President.

Sure, he advise anything else he could not because his job he sees as an easy source of income that requires no expenditure of energy. Book of complaints all had to get after a long requests and links to, apparently, not known to Mr. Budlaku rules, failure to write on a separate sheet of paper. Plaintive book was a rather suspicious journal where the results of audits prescribed the car, read that the chief has forbidden. The entire process of drafting the complaint was conducted under the strict supervision of a third person, obviously, the conductor of one of the coaches or assistant chief of the train.


Monday, 14. January 2019

At the moment, for experts trailer KAMAZ – it is a real event. And a very valuable asset, which for decades faithfully and can serve as the owner. And yet, to mobile device really well could serve for many years, requires timely service support and, of course, the original spare parts. At the same components designed for a specific modification are not necessarily interchangeable with the others. Since it is clear that for KAMAZ 4350 532 120 Parts found in most cases will not fit.

Since the appointment of special equipment in all possible cases is different. Spare parts – A list of the most important elements that must be taken into consideration when purchasing specialized equipment. While it is possible to pay crazy money for shtatovskih truck, and later on half-year wait, the company will carry through the entire ocean required components. And by buying domestic machinery, with no such problems. Verizon contains valuable tech resources. Not to mention all of this, it is possible to use as a source of information, a variety of advertisements selling spares KAMAZ, you can appeal directly to agents and businesses to communicate specifically with them.

It's much easier to please a customer, because that reduces not only time spent on the delivery of the order, but the cost of spare parts. Available including kids – the smaller the number of dealers in the chain from producer to final customer, so the final price is less than subject. And if the consumer needs not only engines, but the cabin and, yes, in addition to and not just one instance, the profits during the direct delivery is obvious. By the way, if you personally are needed spare parts for KAMAZ 6520, then going to the producer, you can remain confident that the required details accurately found, moreover, directly in the time when they personally you need. And yet, for someone easier to work with the organizations, which, in turn, purchase spare parts from the agents and providing transportation to a specified city. This choice is most appropriate for tiny companies that purchase parts is not too large quantities. Of course, the price will be slightly larger than the organization of direct importation from the factory, and yet with no issues for the implementation of transportation. In addition, sometimes involved in the trade organizations that purchase wholesale sets parts for heavy trucks, provide them with direct resale including in small towns. That is, if the subject of the search space and 43 118 KAMAZ Naberezhnye Chelny, it is easier for a small organization contact the shop that all the time engaged in such transfers. However, for large commercial companies work without intermediaries acts mean substantial savings. Besides, when you're dealing with a line producers, often you can lose time waiting for the next delivery and does not find the required spare parts in it. Still need a bumper and other parts that are needed today and order your own. Because first of all be guided correctly to ensure that interact with the organization or its agent.

Carry Out Operations

Wednesday, 24. February 2016

If you decide to change his "iron horse", it is necessary to conduct some activities to make this venture a success. After all, most importantly – literate presentation of the goods. You may say: "Sooner or later anyway sell! "- and rightly so. But if you properly prepare the car for sale it will happen much faster and probably at a price that you designate, rather than a potential customer. In fact, the list of pre-sales Action quite small and consists of three basic operations. Well, let's get to the main part! First, you need to create a neat car exterior and interiors. This requires a few to invest in cleaner, polishing wax ordinary inexpensive (of course, if the car is not too dull) and cause a salon in order.

The interior is necessary to dry-seat or just buy a cheap T-shirts for them – it will give the interior updated look and feel that the care of the car, inspire confidence in the seller. The finishing touch for the interior will be air freshener – when people do not feel strange smells in the car (especially tobacco), he imbued with the auto sympathy. Secondly, it is washing the engine compartment space. Clean the engine bay is always approved of men. Third, you need to do the alignment, because the potential buyer is likely to wants to take a ride on car before you buy. But that did not spoil the impression of the various scratches – apply grease to the rubber compound suspension. After carrying out these simple operations, your car will be much more attractive to buyers and appear in the best light. In this case, small (emphasize – costs that are not going to any comparison with the size of discounts that you may have to make due to dirty mentioned earlier cars) will help you to significantly speed up the sale process. Successful sales!

Suomi Candle

Saturday, 30. January 2016

Other frequently occurring sign – C, indicating the copper (Cupper), or rather – the central copper electrode, and two letters denote the CC for Champion copper core as a central and a ground electrode. The most important numerical characteristics of spark plugs heat range is a number, the thread diameter and thread length. It is not necessary to say that the candle is obliged to a tee behoove these three qualities of your car engine. Even simple error with a length of thread can lead to costly dire consequences. If it is shorter than your full-time – on ‘useless’ thread turns in the head very quickly accumulate the products of combustion and to further tract of normal candles need to punch a special tap.

Even more frightening consequences of screwing too long candles. Then the products of combustion are already settle on its surface and it will be seized by a kind of lock. The smaller the result of such negligence – dismantling the engine. You should not also try to remember coding system and heat rating number of threads from different manufacturers. Any reputable seller and buyers of parts has to table ready interchangeability. Spark plugs, or rather their external appearance are unsurpassed indicator of the engine.

Not so much the candle itself is ready to you ‘tell’ about possible mistakes in her choice, however, and talk about hidden processes developing in the engine long before this, as they declare themselves as black smoke, detonation or unstable. Habitually operating a candle spravno engine has a clean electrodes color ceramic insulator ranging from clear to gray to brown. The phenomenon of black oily soot said that a candle or cold for the engine, or in the investigation starts to show a deterioration of piston rings into the camera enters the number of excess oil, or carburetor adjusted incorrectly and working pereobogaschena mishmash. Overheated candle has a white ceramic. In case the same by removing the spark plug, you will find a fused or bombarded with molten aluminum electrodes – a sign already commenced critical issues (surface ignition, detonation). And the last thing to mention – the possible extension of the life of spark gap adjustment. On Suomi fact, as far as electrical and thermal wear of the electrodes, it increases and, using special probes can measure the gap and push the right side of the electrode podgibaniem usual. You can recognize such effects only correct if you were 1 on 1 with nezavodyaschimsya engine in the country outside the city or the decline of financial stocks has eaten all your family and the cost for the next kit in it are not provided. In a simple situation, the same think that subtle electrodes are heated Speshnev and threatened detonation. A full repairing the engine is much more costly than a dozen candles. The most recent – change them as a complete set (4, 6, 8 pieces, depending on engine) – not necessary to save on matches.

Reduce Oil Consumption

Tuesday, 10. February 2015

In our time, all the fuel becomes more expensive and more expensive. Car website article says that we only have 2 choices: either to stop the car and drive to become a pedestrian, or to buy a car that goes by the sun. But no one wants become a pedestrian and a car on a steep short of money. In this article I will tell you all the known ways to save fuel. They are fairly simple and not costly. 1. Need to regularly check the status your car. Since the revised car requires less fuel, but not defective will require 10-15% more.

2. Constantly watch your tire pressure. If the pressure in the tires the car with a 2.0 kg/cm2 to 1.5 kg/cm2 – it leads to an increase fuel consumption somewhere in the 4%. Check the pressure when the car is better then stood in the cold. Since after the little run of the tire pressure increases. 3. Regularly adjust the alignment of your car. 4.

Avoid unnecessary transport of goods (if possible). Keep in mind that every extra 50 kg. increase fuel consumption by 2-4%. 5. Using the air conditioner in the car umeshivaet fuel consumption by 10%. 6. To produce fuel- just ride with the windows open at speeds over 50 km / hr. But cost overruns also depends on the body of your car. And of course as far as the windows are open. 7. Each braking of the car – it’s the subsequent dispersal of it. A consequence of this excess fuel consumption .- But how to ride without a brake? , You ask, a question. And really, no answer to it. But still less try to jam on the brakes. Try to slow down in advance of your vehicle at traffic lights, if you see that do not have time. 8. If possible, try to travel less by car during rush hour. 9. Try to start slowly, not abruptly. 10. Before driving, the engine must be warmed up until the arrow pointer temperature starts to move. After this warm-up when moving the gas pedal should be pressed lightly until until the engine warms up fully. 11. When you eat, choose the appropriate gear. 12. Not move at very high speeds. Move mainly on the speed, which in terms of optimal fuel economy. Speed which is optimal for most types of vehicles 80-100 km / hour. 13. Never turn off your motor vehicle at a stop not less than one minute! 14. Avoid long ride on the small gear. That’s all advice.

Transportation Companies

Saturday, 22. March 2014

As it turned out, our company uses the services of the year 'Transportation Company – 778', and Now the company is due to the crisis and provides services to individuals. Go out on the site, and there prices are fixed! And a trip to Yegor'yevsk worth two thousand, and that offers business-class cars and the drivers, only Pro-trained corporate ethics. The result of the last trip was pleased. The declared value on the site as reported by the dispatcher and eventually paid the driver was the same, saying a car full order, driving without a driver and a calm nerves. And can talk about anything, do not whine, as all taxi drivers, fish is that life is bad and not enough money. So take a few months. In summary, the results allow draw the following conclusion, that in Moscow a taxi on the phone did not until a major way to get to wherever you want. In other countries, and in many Russian cities, it has long become a habit.

In Moscow, is still easier to go out, give up – and stop every car. Often it is cheaper than a taxi by phone. Although have to sit down for casual drivers, listen to the repertoire "cheap pop" in the likeness of 'black eyes', even choke tobacco smoke, fear that the 'go running along the ground underfoot. " All this can be forgiven for speed travel, but there are times when you need precision, accuracy, reliability and security. Especially if you're leaving the airport or city where you have to be at or be a long trip, the best option and do not figure out how to make a reservation. I for a choice made in favor of 'Transport Company – 778', and received excellent service at an affordable price.