Earnings On The Site

Friday, 29. July 2016

1. Earnings for advertising on its website. For smaller sites, searching for advertisers to resort to intermediaries. There are two main types of advertising: banner and contextual. When placing a banner in his site, you’ll receive fee for every display of a banner, but at the same time, the reward will be very small, if not to say that the microscope. Therefore, to make good money on banner advertising, your website must be very visit. For sites with not very large attendance, more appropriate contextual advertising. An example of it, you can watch on our website in the top (ad block from Google).

The main principle of contextual advertising – it is display advertising, which is of interest to each unique user. For example, in the search engines when displaying search results, you can watch the announcement on the same topic, ie contextual advertising depends upon the context of the page where it was placed. You are interesting cars? Please, if you search for car theme, you will be shown ads specifically for the automotive theme. Therefore, for the site owner, contextual advertising is very profitable because of its ctr, in other words, this ad is more responsive. The most famous and popular systems of contextual advertising on the Internet are Begun, Google Adsense and Yandex. 2.

Earnings on selling links from your site. There are a few differences from the earnings on the placement of content. Firstly, there is no great danger, because site may get banned in a search engine, if it is very much not related links on your site, or you can pay for positions in search engine results. Secondly, if the placement of such links does not depend on your income from clicks on these links, what is more, your income will be fixed (typically pays for placement options What is disguised time – month, week, etc.). The income will depend on the performance tic and pr of your site in general, and the value of the index for the pr of each page in particular. Therefore, to get a good income, you must continuously increase the performance tic and pr. 3. Earnings in the sale room for articles on your site. A relatively new way of earnings, he appeared by search optimizers ways to better promotion of the site. When you purchase seats under the Article references will not be out of the general themes wanderer, as the purchase of individual links. Currently there are several sites for buying / selling items. They are not promoted, as a platform for buying / selling references. 4. Earnings for the establishment of service, the creation and promotion of a site for resale. If there is an original idea and created a project under her, over time, if it’s interesting to people, the site “cluttered” by visitors, and communities. Examples of sales of these unique services, for the very poor is not money enough.