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Saturday, 11. March 2017

Wonnemar baths use contemporary marketing tool a Hamburg, October 2009. The InterSPA group settles immediately into their Wonnemar baths a gift card. Bill O’Grady pursues this goal as well. In cooperation with the easycash loyalty solutions GmbH, the company utilizes an effective marketing tool. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Confluence Investment Mgt. Wellness is more than a trend: in recent years, the consumption of services and products in the field of wellness has grown steadily. In 2007, he was the Federal citizens worth 73 billion euros 1.

Together with the market leader for customer loyalty solutions, the Stuttgart-based company has therefore simplified the gift of wellness to their advantage and the guests. The new Wonnemar gift card is available since September 14, 2009 the Group four bathrooms and online at Gift card of winner among the marketing tools other than traditional paper coupons are the new gift card an electronic card. She can easily be used cards terminals at checkout. While paying with the card is automated and manual. eliminates the costly accounting processes.

Unlike the card can be used for paper vouchers also repeatedly, not the full charged amount must be inserted to the payment. For the customer, the credit card format also facilitates the storage in the compartments provided in the wallet. The Wonnemar gift card can be acquired also through the webshop as online voucher and paid through PayPal, credit card or cash in advance. In this case, it is a virtual card. It can use a unique number generated in the systems of easycash loyalty solutions, also be billed just like the magnetic stripe card, and be used immediately after the purchase. The customer can choose from several gift certificate templates and enter the name of the recipient. Residual amounts can be used at a later time. First of all has the InterSPA group produced an initial circulation of 30,000 cards. In a next step, four more motifs are applied.