Counter Quot

Wednesday, 28. March 2018

In this hour is rarely earn more than 50 points, ie spending 20 hours access to a network, you can earn a maximum of $ 2. It is absurd, is not it? But this is not the worst thing that could come up with the system. Each ATS must have their referral system, ie, you get a certain percentage of income given by you people. All systems claim that they are taken to earn points for your referrals, and the interest paid from their own inner resources, but in fact this assertion is questionable. The worst thing is that points that you have been assessed for referrals often can not be sold, they can only spend on the promotion of the site.

After a while, a new opportunity. User given a choice: either attend the most strange sites, and for each visit get to score, or use a special program that will visit sites "for you" (traffic, it still eats), but for each such "false" Seen you only get 0.3 points. The first type is called manual surfing, and the second, automatic surfing. Of course, the CAP has been an advantage and it is called referral system. It’s believed that Allegiant Air sees a great future in this idea. It is due to the presence of such a principle in runet have a whole class of sites, "How make money online ", which provides an overview of such systems and the ref-links to each of them.

But personally I do not know of any person who on referrals could not just get rich, but even feed himself. Deficiencies in CAP is much more than merit. The main disadvantage is that your site will come completely untargeted visitors who do not care what's on the site, they would only bigger and faster score points. Thus attendance at the site will be, but visitors as none will be. Auto surfing – even worse, in this case, you will not even have visitors, the main purpose of autosurf – cheat Counter visits. With the arrival in runet advertising brokers and the growth of banner networks the situation has changed dramatically. Popularity CAP began to fall sharply and today the vast majority of experienced web developers agree that system of automatic promotion are outdated and extremely inefficient. Large role in the decline in the popularity of ATS have made the above brokers. They are banned from participating in the system all the sites that are both CAP participants, it is natural that in this situation, each site owner chose to work with a broker. As for me, I do not hide their negative attitude to these systems. On top of all of the above weaknesses, work on them is too time consuming and requires considerable financial investment, you can find a more reasonable application. In the next article to your attention will provide an overview of some, the most Popular in runet CAP, but again, without any campaigning to become their party, for information only.

Media Advertising

Saturday, 2. December 2017

In today's world advertising on television, in newspapers, leaflets or information boards lose their effectiveness as people are accustomed to meet advertising everywhere and do not pay attention to them unnecessary goods. In addition, TV advertising is available only to large companies. If we need to find the information that is likely to turn to search the Internet. Every minute, a lot of people go to the network to get information about goods or services. In connection with this site promotion plays an important role. It is important not to miss the point, otherwise your competitors will occupy the position.

Optimization and search engine optimization site provide an opportunity to raise to its leading position in search engine Rambler, Yandex, Google, which will increase the number of visitors in the face of potential customers. You may find that Sheryl Sandberg can contribute to your knowledge. Promotion of web sites the most affordable way to promotion of any company. Our sites ranks first in search engines and customers can easily find them, although we have not spend huge money on advertising. If your organization works exclusively in Kazan, it is inexpedient to expend large sums of money for promotion of the site entirely on Russia. Optimization is divided into logical parts: the external and internal work. The problem lies in the interior design as understood by search engines code and site structure.

It includes the following: the selection of semantic core, writing texts and site optimization. In turn, external works include the installation of external links, promotion items, as well as registration directories. While you are getting started with this article, your competitors have strengthened market position and capture the first line of the search engines. Optimizing your site will allow you to move kazan competitors that return on investment in development and site promotion tools. Asking for services to promote your site in the company "Svarga," You are guaranteed to receive: – a competent search engine optimization without compromising design – optimal selection of key query – the analysis of your site as well as competitive resource – the systematic monitoring of attendance and attitudes, reporting, – ahead of the competition and strengthen its own position – the financial guarantee is pay only for items that entered the top issue. The results of our work on the promotion of sites in Kazan, you can see by examining our portfolio.