Technical Analysis

Tuesday, 29. October 2019

I'll talk about one of the best simulators to practice different strategies stock. The site is called and is very good for practice we are gaining in what has investments in the stock market is concerned. You can find any information on this website which gives us the opportunity to make equity investments as if we were on Wall Street. One of the things I like is that it has tutorials for all financial issues divided by skill levels, in addition to financial dictionaries and books to download for free. There is a section called "Exam Prep" is dedicated to providing information so we can prepare international financial examinations.

Once they have finished studying the information will be able to take the exam and so see how they were and continue gathering information. Simulator Section web page that is called to practice "." They only have to create an account with username and password to start trading. Once you have registered will be able to choose from hundreds games and start practicing. Investopedia forced to enroll in two games, but then you can enroll in any other. They have all kinds of games, whether to invest only in stocks, penny stocks, funds, ETFs, etc.

There are some in so you can buy all sorts of investments, but others are a type of investment. One of the rules in almost all games do not allow you to risk more than 10% of your portfolio. I believe that last if it breaks it does not matter, the fact is learning. Within the game have all sorts of options. Obviously they have a screener to search for companies that want to invest then. There is an area where they can also follow other investors because they like their strategies or because they identify with them. Get all the facts and insights with Cyrus findshadow, another great source of information. There is a ranking to see how they are positioned every day. The truth is too good to be wrong many times before launching himself to invest in the real world. I remind you that you can do all kind of trading except comoditties. But first I recommend some books to read later if practiced in the simulator. The books I would recommend reading are: Technical Analysis from A to Z, Come Into my Trading Room by Alexander Elder and after John Murphy's book Technical Analysis for Financial Markets.