RF Government Decree

Sunday, 22. June 2014

So, you decided to go into business and want to register the IP itself. This article will help you with this. To register, you need IE to take the following steps: 1) determine what you will do and pick up NACE codes corresponding to your activity of the classifier, and 2) fill out the form number R21001 (approved by RF Government Decree of 19.06.2002), 3) to decide on your tax system. There are the usual system taxation and simplified. Simplified tax system, in turn, is divided into a simplified system of taxation of income (6%) and a simplified system of taxation revenue, costs (15%). In the event that you plan to lead a normal accounting and tax accounting, as well as you planned permanent high costs, then you no longer fit the system revenue-expenditure, in other cases it makes sense to choose a simplified system taxation of income. 4) complete an application on the transition to a simplified tax system (form 26.2-1); 5) otkserokopirovat your passport (first page and a page with a residence registration).

Please account, if the photocopy of your passport will be 2 pages, these pages should flash, and on the reverse side of the driver to write the phrase "tied together and numbered two (2) of the sheet. The applicant (your name and sign) 6) otkserokopirovat certificate awarding you a TIN (by law a copy of this certificate is not needed, but many fiscal demands it) 7) to pay the state fee for registration of IP at a rate of 800 rubles (Details for payment should be taken by the registering body). In Moscow, the registering authority is IFTS 46 of Moscow, its details are as follows: BCF – 182 108 0701 0 01 1000 110 – state duty for state registration entity, individuals as sole proprietors, the changes made to the constituent documents of legal persons for state registration of the legal person or other legal actions – Beneficiary Bank – Division 1 of Moscow GTU Bank of Russia, Moscow 705 – by 40101810800000010041 – BIC 044583001 – HPI CAT and the recipient of funds – IIFTS Russia 46 of Moscow 7733506810/773301001 – recipient of Federal Treasury in Moscow (IIFTS Russia 46 of Moscow) – code OKATO municipal territorial 45,283,593,000. More information can be found on the website YUTS 'Lawyers and Attorneys in Moscow