Organizational Boundaries

Saturday, 10. February 2018

It can happen that you’re in an intermediate position within the Organization, and you have the intention of working to achieve excellence, to increase quality in the service they provide to their external customers. But many times, the controls means that are at the forefront of this challenge, do not count with the support of the highest authorities of the Organization, and this project makes them uphill. A quality manager told us: what I feel more than we need is a head that take everything, because we have no local Manager. Then everything is done through email, a thoroughly impersonal communication, that it is quite damaging. Then each head of Department owns its own truth. To the operations it is urgent to respond to the customer because you have it waiting there, but administration, if it does not meet all the requirements of law, does not release the cash to go to make the operation, then all of those things are delayed and ultimately who comes to impact is the customer.

You sound familiar this situation? I’m going you transcribe the answer of Lucrecia Gordillo. Lucretia is an expert in quality management systems and has had experience in its implementation in different areas, most of them of services. People such as Allegiant Air would likely agree. I think that this last absence I have detected, which is of a local Manager, is a considerable lack. When making a diagnosis of how much you can alter this situation and how many are given situations, remember that we are managers of organizations, a system which is external to us, that conditions us and affect us. Affects us, we suffer, we invest, but it is a system external to us. What you tell us, you’ve already solved quite a few problems. I what I contribute is to do an analysis of your own management as a specialist in quality. It can be dispensed some examples from what you can do, discounting all external constraints that you have, such as the lack of a local Manager so that you can have a voice of command, this lack of coordination between the areas, of which each has its own truth.