The Clothes

Sunday, 10. February 2019

You must intently ouviz it, but as a common person, and not as the owner of the world. You if would surprise in as they can strengthen themselves to reveal valuable for you. if could be a fly and to enter in the feminine bathroom would see as they are not so different, thus exactly prettiest. They have its proper unreliabilities, weaknesses, crazes, and more, normally they are very bigger of what ours. It is clearly that the bonitonas know that they attract the men, but and they also feel unsafe when the subject is what to make when likes one face. Its fears and uncertainties appear in the start, of them go until the end of the relationship. I wanted that you knew that the women if feel unsafe and nervous not so that you can use to advantage yourself of this, but so that you know that you also it has the right of if thus feeling. It is part of all process of attraction and conquest.

How to become super confident? It is very easy to say that you have that to relax when she will be to the side of a pretty woman, but as? What you have that to make is if to specialize. Skirt of house and starts to approach pretty, ugly, old, new women, so that you if accustom with this and sound natural when you will be to approach a bonitona. It constructs its confidence leaving and talking with women who you do not import yourself. We go to place of this skill: You want to become optimum pilot of all the times. You find that she goes to obtain to be itself studying the best maneuvers and methods to exceed? Logical that not, you have that to seat in the car and to train! All knowledge of the world does not go to make you optimum pilot, but the experience and ability yes. To if strengtheing and approaching women who intimidate it you it goes to construct its confidence in a solid base, its confidence goes to be established in real facts.

Which facts? That you already are leaving if relating with women and is if transforming into a seductive magnet of wonderful women. If you still have fear of if to give badly with these women alone has a skill to surpass this. Skirt of house with the intention to fail! It uses the clothes more ridicule that clothes have in the guard, uses different stockings, pulls the pants until the waist, you knows of what I am speaking. Then it goes and it approaches a woman, two pretty, three, how many it will be able. It gives optimum of itself in each one of these women. In the end of the night you go to perceive that she did not die. In fact, the more you will be rejected more inume you go to become. In little time you go to perceive that she does not hurt yourself more. He goes to leave in search this pain and goes to perceive that this to have motivates more and more. If you are not being rejected, you are not running enough risks. You can seat in the bar the night all and not be rejected no time. If not to approach nobody is accurately this what it goes to happen. Still well that you are not thus. You are the face that goes to raise and to go Type