Mathematical Processing

Monday, 12. November 2018

Reeducation helps to mature but fast the affected zones, obtaining that the level in the mathematical processing is ended up fitting to edad”. This way does not consist of insisting on just like it has become in class time and time again, but on teaching to the boy to learn to manipulate the numbers from different perspective, fleeing from memorsticos procedures, really, one more a more practical education of the numerical sense. For example, instead of to teach to a boy that 3×4 is 12, it is necessary to manage that he is conscious that 12 can also be represented like 12+0 or like 8+4. He is advisable that reeducation is carried out like minimum during academic course, dedicating to him enters two and four hours weekly and putting themselves into the hands of a specialist, or a psychologist or psicopedagogo. Discalculia of the development Therefore denominates the investigation, subsidized by the Ministry of Education and Science that is carrying out the equipment of Neuropsicologa of the University of Barcelona. A study that will serve to determine the cerebral bases of this alteration and power to improve the criteria diagnoses and you rule of treatment. In order to develop it, the investigation equipment is picking up a sample of children and children with discalculia, with ages between the 8 and 14 years, to which an exhaustive neuropsicolgica exploration is realised to them.

The parents who create that their children of these ages can suffer discalculia and are interested in the study can contact with the department of Psiquiatra and Clinical Psicobiologa of the University of Barcelona on the telephone or by electronic mail). On the other hand, from the Web of this department can be unloaded the version in Spanish of a useful denominated software the race of the numbers, designed for the reeducation of discalculia in children between four and eight years.


Thursday, 5. November 2015

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