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Worst of all dust carries a guide roller carriage, and it leads to excessive pollution of combustion engine, carries a carriage drive. The symptoms of contamination of the shaft jet printer is an unpleasant and unusual rattle and crackle when you print. In such a situation printer instantly displays an error message, but print quality is close to unbelievable minimum, when what is printed on a sheet, one can hardly apart. This phenomenon can be observed just in case of contamination of guide shaft carriage dust that gets to him through the openings in the cabinet. The guide shaft is very attractive dust, as he smeared special oil helps it work. As a result, dust particles hit the wall and dissolves in the lubrication solution, forming a viscous substance, which prevents easy movement of the carriage along the shaft. The carriage begins forced to perform braking operation.

This issue, not found in time, in most cases causes damage the printer. Lubrication of the shaft printer at home Lubricate the guide shaft printer itself – is not that big a feat. This procedure does not require any supernatural skills. So take a chance to try it yourself is worth. Especially if the hands at the same time accessible and will detailed instructions.

Thus, the procedure for lubrication of the shaft goes through several stages: 1) Remove the casing and extract the guide shaft. Make sure that it is not out of order. To do so, his fingers trying to move the bearing in direction perpendicular to the main axis of the shaft. If you play in this connection is detected, the urgent need to carry the printer in for service. If not – continue the process started. 2) Clean up the shaft of dust from the use of any alcohol (You can just vodka). This should be done very carefully in order to completely clean the entire surface of the shaft was. 3) We are looking for the necessary oil for lubrication. Ideal for a special solution, which is not cheap, but created directly for this purpose. If you want to save, you can use mineral oil or silicone grease. These options have all the necessary lubricating properties: they are resistant to high temperatures well react to temperature changes are small figures of viscosity. 4) Apply the lubricant solution onto the surface of the shaft with a swab, made of lint-free material. Cotton used for this purpose is strictly prohibited, as its particles are, of course, will remain on the tree, and it will bring him nothing but harm. 5) Rub lubricant solution to the shaft so that the volume of oil placed on the shaft was not too big, but not proved insufficient. 6) Putting the printer, after placing the shaft in place. After a successful procedure, lubrication of the shaft, you can add to the list of his abilities. All-Ukrainian Polygraphic portal

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Wednesday, 3. September 2014

Therefore, pro scan the entire computer-to-date antivirus program. So, you realize that you need to do? Connect to the Internet, right click the icon for your antivirus program's system tray (bottom right corner of the screen) and the menu click the left mouse button on the line to update (Update). Once all updates are written, run anti-virus scanner and wait for the results of his work. The program may hang. Turn it off and start again, and so on until it checks the entire computer. Detected viruses and infected files try to cure, and if they are not cured, remove them.

When will get rid of all the "contagion" can begin to re install. There are two options: transfer facility or a new installation. Re setting – it's rewriting only the system folder Windows. In this case, all your documents and programs will remain in place and unharmed. The new unit – a record of the operating system for free on the data drive. Y careless user may not have an antivirus program.

It does not matter. You can check the computer manufacturer's website connected to anti-virus. For example, go to "Doctor Web (www.drweb.ru) and click the left click on the bar Why procrastinate? Check the files you can right now!. After that your computer is scanned about online. A similar test is proposed on the site Kaspersky Anti-Virus. The main thing you need to do – is figure out Is your computer viruses. If the infection is still a need to format the hard drive before installing the operating system.