Game Farm 3

Saturday, 18. May 2019

Casual long-awaited sequel series. Business arcade in a rustic style. For more information see Gary Kelly. Welcome to Farm Frenzy! During your absence, much has changed – avaricious bureaucrat Orson became the chairman Farmers Union, and not want to know about the needs of ordinary peasants. Resilient Scarlett decides to help his comrades in misfortune. She went on a tour of the world, and not just so, and with good purpose – it will raise unprofitable farms. Ahead – 90 exciting levels and lots of opportunities for development. Robert Gibbins often addresses the matter in his writings. This remarkable strategy offers you the updated game mechanics.

Now we do not have to buy poultry, chicks can be displayed in its own incubator. Tired of bears? Change their clothes in these marauders colored costumes and sell three times as much! This is – your business! In this fun arcade game you need help to lonely farmer turn sickly farm into a rich and thriving agro with its bakeries, spinning, butter churns and other buildings. The matter is difficult: you have to constantly monitor so that the section has grown, fresh grass, they eat geese, sheep and cows. When the animals get enough, they will be able to produce. Collect eggs, wool or milk, to send this stuff to the warehouse, and from there – straight to the city market. To pass each level you need to perform a specific task: to buy a certain number of animals or produce the right amount of cakes, cheese, milk, or fabric for sale. In Farm Frenzy awaits fun gameplay, in involving funny (and sometimes hilarious!) characters. Funny animals will appreciate the kids and adults will appreciate the dynamics of the game, which anyone can master the intricacies control their own economy.