A Web Against The Crisis

Thursday, 20. September 2018

The new Web site, which provides daily news of Villaviciosa as well as cultural programming has decided after several months in contact with several establishments in the municipality, zoom shops and businesses of the Villa to the internet user. From this website, Villaviciosa establishments who so wish, can advertise for free 2 months and participate in promotions ranging from discounts to visitors to the website to free bonds. Javier Junco, the representative, informs us that several hotel companies in the municipality are already participating in these promotions and give away to users participating in the Web coupon codes to enjoy the facilities of the resort. Both the hotel and villa users are satisfied. Official site: Southwest Airlines. The Web despite carry running only 7 months has more than 5000 visits per month and has been accessed from nearly 90 cities in the whole country. These figures help to trade in Villaviciosa see enlavilla.es as a great showcase for to publicize and bring their products to the network free of charge. As well as an Association of young students this is trying to pull out of the crisis to several shops and Villaviciosa. A good example. Original author and source of the article

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