Active Care For Younger Appearance

Friday, 1. March 2019

sanalip – active care for younger appearance! The hours of annoying wrinkles around the mouth area, and in particular on the upper lip are numbered! Just in time for the spring, Sana form GmbH brings the innovative two-components-anti-wrinkle program Sanalip on the market. But Sanalip is not a magic bullet with empty promises, but is based on muscle-strengthening mouth and lip exercises in combination with a special anti wrinkle face cream. Additional information is available at Ripple. Sanalip is characterized by a very simple and gentle application principle, so that it can be used comfortably at home even. The use of the upper lip is used in the morning and in the evening for one to three minutes on the upper front teeth. Then the anti wrinkle face cream is applied to the curved upper lip, as well as the entire Nasolabialzone (the fold between the nostril and mouth). The valuable anti-aging active substance combination of hyaluronic acid, vitamin A and E, jojoba oil and ozonized olive oil of cream get streamlined upper lip skin also on the cause of wrinkles and can interact with the better. The simultaneous carrying out of special mouth and lip gymnastics with the help of the Insert activates the upper lip muscles and stimulates the blood circulation of the lower layers of the skin, making the cells can be better supplied with nutrients and oxygen.

Establishing targeted the lip muscles could ultimately cause a smoothing of wrinkles around the mouth area and a fuller lip. For many weeks, the Sanalip product set and associated training methods help easy self treatment of lip – and nasolabial folds. Sanalip is available from 01 April 2011 for just 49.90 in the pharmacy. As a one-time introduction action, Sana form GmbH offers an introductory discount – 30% for orders up to April 10, 2011! That said, this new and high quality anti aging product is effective immediately and only until 10 April 2011 to a strongly reduced special price from 34.90 directly from the manufacturer available. Via the online shop at Sanalip shipping (within Germany) can order binding on invoice be and is starting the first week of April conveniently post home delivered. This action is valid as long as stocks last. Get more information at

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