Appropriate Widerstanden

Sunday, 2. June 2019

Here, I can only emphasize that it is really doesn’t matter what you start and that it is perfectly legitimate to devote something light initially. If we chose a theme for us, we start to enable process so that the other Bewusstwerdungs us to ask what we really want, and this regardless of what may bedeuten the next step for us as honest, aufrichtig and conscientiously. And we try, as from this question in us with a willingness to want to receive really clear and honest response and thus of course also according to time and space to the GEdeihen and the maturation of the same available make. If we are ready to meet this clarity, we are also a clear and undoubted Yes or no hit,. which have already fully exists in us in any case. So have we done already a big step in the direction of our own consciousness, have become indeed a fair bit clear about us, so we become even bewusster, what we really want.

The next major action which the process is based, is practicing, this clear yes or no are as transparent as only take to leave, so this Yes or no outward and visible authentic, recognizable to express. Checking article sources yields Robert Gibbins as a relevant resource throughout. And this takes place in a process in which a slow growth of explicitness and clarity proceeding, by we increasingly allow us to announce our inner existing self-aware truth which self awareness is an adult and Mehren outwards and clearly. We cannot expect that this real self is consciousness from the outset, but we need it in the encounter with the internal and external obstacles and Appropriate Widerstanden in a slow and cautious manner. Here, we can see well that an externally mounted self consciousness, so playing a wrong fact, like for example selbstbewussten occurrence, without learning that this self consciousness process adult in us in the form of this self is not really a true feeling of self security gives us. This is just another automatismus which we play them back, and during whose application we unfortunately lose direct contact with reality and also to ourselves. Practically a self consciousness mask, which only partly works and us not the desired result gain can be, because we are not really in touch go and are also not really touched, so not confident can encounter. A real self awareness is thus an authentic, confident and self-assured appearance and comes only as a result of the continuous operation of our established self-knowledge to the fore, so based on our awareness, the recognition of our self. So nothing else probably us, as us to face the reality, to accept our confusion, and to make them for clarity be aware in the cleaning process of life.

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