Tuesday, 9. January 2018

So, a gift. How much of this word! "The Gift" – is something light and from the heart. But what if there is not one soul, the soul of a collective, community, love your people? Then everything is far more serious: for each of the donors invested piece itself. Itself, this is unlike others. This "otherness" begins with the appearance, attitude toward the world and, of course, to a man waiting for a gift.

How could fit so much different and pulsating in the same gift? After there are as many opinions and desires! Originally, the word "team" I am particularly pleased. Recalled the words of Aristotle: "Man is by nature a social creature, and suddenly there was a smell of Soviets, and those times when representative of the local committee to run around with all the money to beat out "on a birthday gift." In those days, was an important municipality to all for one, to be together and together. What now pushes people to do this? After all, we have long live in a democratic society in which we do not know the neighbors, and almost no one greeted, coming into the workplace. A little thought, I realized: today the method of collective gift does not have the character of "", but rather is a character of "frugality", the character of "adaptation" to the current economic conditions. After all, not every visitor can afford to buy just one gift that would like to donate to a friend.

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