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Thursday, 19. September 2019

Protect yourself against online data theft attempts. If you use internet to perform operations involving your bank accounts, credit and debit cards, important email accounts, business, etc. should worry about having a computer secure to prevent any attempt of data theft. Currently not enough to have an antivirus or a firewall, because computer thieves increasingly manage better to be able to steal your data without that you realize. He is recommended to have an updated antivirus and a firewall to block connections that an attacker might try to create towards our computer to intercept or send our data. Learn more at this site: Virgin Airlines. We will first focus on tips and important recommendations which we must bear in mind to be able to realize when we are dealing with a fake web site.

Then in a few tools that will help us to increase the security in our computer. Phishing is a technique where the thief makes an identical copy of the Bank’s web site and through e-mail messages sent the fake web site, where if a person comes and not you realize the fake site, the attacker takes money from the account unless you can recover, and how do them? because they use intermediaries in different countries to carry out the withdrawal of the money. It is important to enter the Bank’s web site by typing the address in the navigation bar and not accessed via any link. Entering directly will have security that you’re accessing the actual page, and note that write HTTPS so that data can encrypt and they are not stolen by the attacker. Modern browsers have a visual indicator to help us give us account when we enter a secure web site, for example Mozilla Firefox 3.x color changing the left sidebar when you go to a secure website via HTTPS. In Mozilla Firefox, upon entering the Paypal site, if we write automatically a: are redirected and the part of the left of the bar becomes green (see side view) and this mode indicates that we are on a secure web site.

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