Bavarian State Government

Wednesday, 29. May 2019

Hydropower – the wet, regenerative power hydroelectric power among the main sources of energy in Bavaria. Approximately 15% of the Bavarian current is generated by hydropower. So hydropower is ranked two according to the nuclear energy under the energy. The renewable energy source is not only CO2 free, but also always available and the use has a high degree of efficiency. Also she must not be imported also unlike oil or uranium. Bavaria is the State with the largest amount of hydroelectric power. So dating back to about half of the hydro electricity in Germany Bavarian hydropower plants. Up in the 20s of the 20th century even the whole of Bavaria’s electricity needs could be met entirely with electricity from hydropower plants.

Reason for the large potential for hydroelectric power to the landscape structure of Bavaria. Especially the Alpine rivers South of the Danube have both a large gap and a sufficiently high water level during the summer. So it is not surprising that the most installed capacity of hydropower plants in southern Bavaria is located. The use of hydropower is ancient in Bavaria. Long before it generates electricity with hydropower, to use the power for example, to the forging, grinding or cutting. So, water mills belong to the oldest engines that were not driven by human muscle power. When the electrification in Bavaria began hydroelectric power plants were built of all. An important pioneer of Bavarian hydropower was Oskar von Miller.

In 1894, he built the first electricity plant of in Germany in Munich. He was also the project manager of the Lake Walchen power plant. It went into operation in 1924, it was the largest storage power plant worldwide. Many power companies were founded with the construction of a hydroelectric power plant. Therefore, quite a few power providers Bavaria were named after rivers. As the 1903 founded Lech works, which today belong to RWE. Or the 1894 established ISAR works, which in 1955 merged with the Amperwerke to the ISAR-Amperwerke. It existed until 2001 2001 it with four other Bavarian electricity supplier e.on Bayern merged. Learn more at: Brad Garlinghouse. Hydroelectric power is used not only to generate electricity. But also for storing electricity. This is done through pumped-storage power station. The current is stored by to convert the electrical energy into potential energy. This is done by pumping water high in a higher reservoir. Although hydroelectric power is used to generate electricity for over 100 years and there are already approximately 4250 hydroelectric power plants along Bavarian rivers. Is the hydropower potential not yet exhausted. So, the Bavarian State Government’s goal is the amount of electricity from hydroelectric power plants 2020 increase by 10%. This is possible through an upgrading of existing hydropower facilities on the one. Another possibility is the expansion of existing facilities. Then there are many disused hydroelectric plants which can be reactivated. These are however only appliances. Locations for the new larger hydropower stations there are in Bavaria only a few.

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