Being Overweight And Associated Diseases On Health .

Friday, 1. December 2017

Surgery for obesity has proved effective not only in the treatment of morbid obesity over time, but also, and what is even more important in the treatment and even in the complete resolution of associated diseases. These important findings not only provide a glimmer of hope to the obese but also open new avenues of research and can even change the current view of the pathophysiology. The increase in some diseases such as hypertension, insulin resistance, glucose intolerance, among others, is closely related to the increase of obesity and its consolidation as a global epidemic. All these pathologies associated with significantly lower life expectancy of the overweight person, even those who do not suffer from morbid obesity, and increase the risk of developing certain cardiovascular disease or type II diabetes. Today, obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States and Europe.

Economically, obesity and its complications cause an enormous impact on the family and society. Being a progressive disease, obesity influences the patient and his family cope with increasing costs and new problems. Annual investment of billions of dollars to treat this condition or any of its complications. It is necessary to find a way to provide solutions to patients and their families without destroying their economy and a considerable period of time. Bariatric surgery has proved effective in the treatment of these problems: about 80% of patients with hypertension exceeded after the operation, the marked decrease cardiovascular risk factors significantly, stopping the progression of impaired glucose tolerance, decreasing risk of type II diabetes, helps to reverse other problems associated with the metabolic syndrome such as insulin resistance. Despite these results, surgery is not an option for most patients.

Only those obese with a BMI of 35 or above can be surgery candidates. Until then, they provide generally conventional treatments do not resolve the situation, but only the? Regulate? temporarily, so it is imperative that they begin to look consistent and effective alternative for the obese. I should also mention that some patients with Body Mass Index below 35 may be candidates for obesity surgery, based on very strict selection criteria. To undergo surgery to treat your obesity, you can not only achieve your desired weight and keep it in time, but could also reverse tables that have accompanied this long process as hypertension or diabetes. Talk to your doctor about your options and do not be fooled, there is a good option for you that can save your life. Regards, Hector Bernal

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