Black Color

Friday, 13. April 2018

Selecting the gray color, design can liven up any other bright color, because Gray – Universal. To achieve color harmony in design should not dominate or be used alongside more than two-color surfaces. Philip Vasan has plenty of information regarding this issue. As the third of the surface should be used achromatic color (gray, white or black). Gary Kelly wanted to know more. Light gray tone expresses the nature of a free and exalted state of excitation. Preference light-gray color indicates the presence of preparedness for the full and appropriate response to the stimulus. Dark gray influences as well as navy blue, calm, full and hard.

Gray, as well as the other two achromatic colors – white and black – they increase the intensity of each of the nearby chromatic colors. For example, the red next to a gray, white or black is much more intense than the action next to one of chromatic colors, such as green or yellow. White and black. White – the end point of brightness, completeness, black – the end point of darkness. White – the expression of escape and release from any resistance.

White means absolute freedom from all obstacles and freedom for all possibilities. White – a tabula rasa, tabula rasa, the resolution of problems and new beginnings. Peace and freedom – that's the definition of white. Black – it is the rigor and academic, however, this color is stagnant, protection and replacement of excitatory influences. Therefore, Black should be carefully used in the design of websites. With this color you can create an atmosphere of business relationships, but do not overdo it with that color. Black can oppress and push the gloomy thoughts. Thus, the color – a powerful promotional tool, which can affect man's relation to the company, its services and goods. And for create visually appealing and "working" site (which would meet the goals and objectives of the company), it is necessary, in terms, the basics of constructing color concepts and knowledge of the characteristics of colors, to find a compromise between created an atmosphere in color design web site and the relevance of color combinations for this type of service or product.

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