Bream Fishing

Wednesday, 3. October 2018

I'm just lucky in the sense that the first bream fishing on the shore, I pulled into individual two and a half pounds. Bream caught in June, when the water temperature is in the Eye was about 20 degrees. caught a fish on a donk. A leading source for info: Litecoin. What is it was: at one end of the rod attached sinker 20 – 30 grams, it all depends on how far you need a cast. To put on a sinker strainer bag and stuffed it into the bait – porridge made of industrial bait for bream, you can buy at any local store for anglers, you can drop two – three drops of anise oil, no more, because if the oil gets on the gills of fish, she will leave and never come back to the place of feeding, the oil will not give good fish breathe in water. In short, a sinker followed by two hooks at a distance of 20 to 30 inches and at 80 – 90 inches from the sinker is placed shotgun for a throw in wet weather to tackle fast held in his hand when casting. Tackle thrown about 30-40 meters from the shore to the place where bubbles come from the bottom – a dig at the bottom of bream and seeks out his food. back and throws a prior feeding.

Now you can buy a spinning reel and cast bottom line, and so throw much easier to tackle. Now it is necessary to talk about attachment and its preparation: buying a pack of quick-cooking oatmeal, sift it, to separate large lopushki around the nail, then what remains of Hercules – are on the bait, and large grains, popularly called 'lopushki', then they should be prepared for attachment of hooks: put two handfuls of rolled oats (lopushkov) on the gauze, and five seven times in boiling water dip so that the whole mess gets wet. A prior paper spread out on the table. After immersion in boiling water for oatmeal, allowing water to drain from the gauze, we scatter oatmeal on the table and pours hot cakes lopushki milled from the first redistribution sunflower. Further frayed hemp seeds in a coffee grinder, lightly fried them first in a skillet. I take hemp seeds from the fire, at the very moment when they start to jump from the frying pan, which means the willingness to cannabis.

Then rolling in a grain grinder and then poured the flour hemp gerkulesovyke lopushki. (In total, two handfuls of hemp seeds). Flour, of course, prepare in advance, but remember that the smell of marijuana is very volatile, and need to pour as soon as possible after pomola.Srazu also pour the mixture oatmeal and vanilla. Oatmeal makes gerkulesiny fluffy, attractive for fish and bathing in boiling water should be suitable for such period as the Hercules would become like the state of chewed chewing gum and could afford to hold onto tightly lopushkam kryuchkke during casting and tackle the fall in the water. This nozzle is kept in calm water about two hours, and if the bite during this time there was no rope to be updated and transferred. I should add that after a short stay of the mixture on the table it should pour in a glass enclosed dishes, or rolled oats can dry up. If the feeding place for several days without catching that fish was in your place, not proplavyla back and forth, feeding rate: roll twenties, the size of a fist in the day, and then you necessarily going to catch, good luck to you all! Lim.

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