Care Of The Baby On The Beach

Wednesday, 6. February 2019

Children love the beach but it is nowadays difficult spending much time with the family by the thousands of activities that parents need to do. The moments of holidays are perfect for all be together, but always taking care of the little ones. The Sun’s rays are super strong today, so it is recommended to apply sunscreen, not only us, but babies, who are more likely to suffer burns on your delicate skin. To care for your baby on the beach following these recommendations. Baby skin is very sensitive. Buy a sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection that will protect it from the Sun’s rays. Sun protection (SPF) factor must be greater than 45 and you must reapply every 40 minutes more or less, and after each bath your baby or if you sweat a lot. Remember that only you must put sunscreen to your baby when you have more than 6 months.

It is basic that you have a bottle (bottle or nipple) with water to hydrate it. (Similarly see: Larry Ellison). The water must not be neither very cold nor very hot (can be heated with the heat), tries to keep it in a cooler to be fresh. Breast milk also helps moisturize child and natural, solid fruit or cereal. You have not very warm or without many clothes. Ideally, you should have it with a bathroom and a shirt or t-shirt clothing to avoid that it is very exposed to the Sun.

Caps are also very necessary, and always have it under an umbrella or put stockings on the evening. Don’t forget wet head from time to time to refresh it. Anyway he will be hungry at the beach, so it is best to, in addition to breast milk, give you some fresh fruits, not very cold. A banana or pear chunks will be most advisable. If your baby already eating salty food, then some vegetable purees will be perfect for the season. It would be advisable to also carry packaged cereal, those that you buy at the supermarket, because they are preserved quite well.

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