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Tuesday, 7. February 2017

Sterilization & disinfection – for a healthy work environment and satisfied nail art Nailart customers devices and nail art to disinfect instruments must use special disinfectants, also exact dosing rules are subject to. You can get details of the hygiene regulation at the health department or the professional association or the Health Department. To reduce germs in your nail Art Studio, there are two procedures, the disinfection and sterilization. They differ as follows: When disinfecting devices and instruments germ arm the Nailart and weakening pathogenic micro-organisms. This one eliminates the risk of infection. Disinfecting using chemical or physical means. During sterilisation, the nail art are sterile devices and instruments.

Kills the microorganisms and viruses inactive. The sterilization is performed thermal disinfection methods in the nail Art Studio: the physical method, the nail art are bathed instruments for at least 10 minutes in boiling water. The chemical method, these are in a Glass container or in a disinfectant bath. The tub must to be listed by the dghm/VAH and be filled according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then the nail art be made instruments with a gripping pair of tweezers from the bath, brushed off, rinsed with clear water and dried. After storing the instruments in clean dry paper towels. The chemical disinfection can be subdivided into the following areas are: disinfection of wounds the enemy infection: here the hands, skin, nail art be disinfected equipment and nail art tools. The disinfectant is rubbed thoroughly for at least 30 seconds to a minute.

The hands must have to be all the time moistened with disinfectant. The rough disinfection: Here only the surfaces in the nail art are disinfected Studio and the laundry. There are no disinfectant range can be used for all three. Use agents only exclusively DGHM listed. Sterilization methods in the nail Art Studio: hot-air sterilization: is at 180 220 degrees Celsius performed for about 30 minutes. Ball sterilization: that is hot on the basis of metal balls, small sterilizers, sterilization flame on 200 degrees Celsius performed: is soot free flame over 700 degrees Celsius the following points should be considered safe to carry a nail Art Studio: because the nail Art Studio many flammable products exist in smoking is absolutely taboo! The oily film of nicotine on natural nails can also lead to adhesion problems. Filings and product vapours can settle on food, therefore you should forgo Studio food and beverages in the nail art. This can lead to health problems. Model nails with a brush and not with the file, so the fine dust is reduced to a minimum. Neatness and cleanliness should in the be. Consider gloves and a face mask while the nail art to take treatment. The nail art products are stored separately, cool and dark.

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