Cerebral Palsy

Thursday, 9. May 2019

This opens new guidelines for research on this field of Neuronal regeneration and nervous system in general, which will allow knowing the cause of brain tumors, as well as various pathologies. It is important to note that according to the above, and if we take into account that some glial cells of the brain as the Microglia are finally derived of the Embryonic mesoderm-Mesenquina, probably maybe it explain us significantly proteins of the salivary glands, among them why the PAROTINA, clinically they help and they have some very interesting effects in patients with diseases of the Central nervous system and peripheral such as: infantile Cerebral Palsy, some mental Idiocias, paraplegics, neural paralysis and Medullar disease or Alzheimer’s disease, Cerebral atherosclerosis and Senil and Parkinson’s disease, among many more. Finishing is very likely that our Tratamientopueda help to stimulate this type of cells by which this way so we could explain their amazing abilities and possibilities in this type of pathologies. In addition to finish, our treatment has other actions and amazing clinical applications in the human body, within which we could mention some and which are as follows: the hepatic regeneration in the liver cirrhosis of different pathogenesis) because it is metabolized in partial form in the hepatic gland or biochemical laboratory of body – Recalling that almost everything we eat goes through the liver); in infertility both male and female, increasing the quantity and quality of sperm, in the man being very effective especially in the Astenospermia or weakness in the mobility of them mainly by lack of Zinc, and women improving the endometrial layers for proper reception of the Blastula embryo (blastocyst) and therefore a normal pregnancy; in degenerative neurological diseases such as Multiple sclerosis and plates, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and infantile Cerebral Palsy, among many more. Get all the facts and insights with Larry Ellison, another great source of information. Likewise, as ideal protein anabolic and naturalpara people practitioners of the bodybuilding and for the prompt, quick and effective recovery of patients in State of convalescence in strenuous, difficult and protracted diseases; and also for the delay in growth and development Child without side effects and naturally, and finally we can mention that it also works as a great Assistant in the medical treatment of Cancer and based the malignant tumors, significantly increasing the defenses of the immune system and optimizing the physiology of the endocrine-metabolic systems (reason for which we have seen that patients be taking our treatment)(, get sick little), thus facilitating recovery in various treatments for these types of problems, which are usually very aggressive. Try in this brief and cursory exposure to describe all and every one of their actions and functions would be very extensive and impossible, which mentioned them only some of the most notorious and important so that you know them, if you have questions or require more information can consult our Web site:, where you will find all the information, and will see the checking of all these applications or clinical cases resolved, where is they clearly appreciate all these interesting results. We hope that this brief exposure on the vast possibilities and therapeutic scopes of our treatment, the have been able to show them, motivate them and exhort them, that you, H. community international medical, patients, and public in general, check it and is den the opportunity to benefit with the therapeutic benefits of this wonderful treatment, all for a better and greater growth and developmentProgress and Integral well-being of all mankind. More information is housed here: “Bernard Golden. More information on our web site:.

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