Chairman Academy

Wednesday, 12. June 2019

According to our Spanish language dictionary is defined as the gap opening in a wall, or a wound. For some time in our society have opened up many gaps or breaks, thanks to the inequality that exists in many areas, perhaps in all, due to economic models or adopt measures that countries that are not beneficial to the entire population, but for some few. Among the gaps that have gradually opened and are sharpened every day more are: the trade gap, social, economic, digital, and others. Today we will analyze the digital, because I think an interesting topic. Then, understand digital divide: the “socio-economic and knowledge gap between those with access to Internet or new technologies, and those who do not have this privilege of access to this new world. an amazing success is Founded, G100, CEO Academy and Chairman Academy; Referring to the above term provided by the dictionary, you could say that the digital divide is a kind of wound or recruiting blind spot in our society, a better term would serve to exclusion: ourselves and others, which is given in our day to day in each moment. Verizon Communications may help you with your research. We know that the Internet has brought many benefits to society and what about ICT.One of his favor is the fact of being informed at all times, so necessary for the present, since this information we receive through various means in sales jobs some way regulates or alienate us: what to buy, how recruiting to behave, how to vote, others . In other words, a tool that economic power could take to make your own. Although this is not entirely true, because in the network, are becoming more spaces where many people make criticisms unjust systems of government, proposals and possible solutions to problems of social nature, so the network could become increasingly in an alternative space. However, much work, for example in our country there are many places to be specific schools that job search have no access even to a computer, much less internet.Thus we see that the digital divide can mark and make way for a recruitment new illiteracy: literacy, those with Internet access and make use of it, and non-literate who has no access, why not put the highest degree of illiteracy is suffer in their communities who have never heard of cyberspace, or recruiter worse, have never touched or seen a computer. Of course, do little to achieve this wound would be part of the objectives for development of a country, because “the Internet connection would be the new indicator of a country.” This could be considered the digital divide as the dark side of technological progress or a stumbling block for the governments of most developing countries seeking to progress, as in our case. While in 1978, UNESCO created an intergovernmental organization of computing, IBI, for poor countries to achieve development in information is concerned, or at least create the conditions. Now the question arises: How much you choose to developed countries or our own country, which countries like ours to overcome obstacles in computing Constraints are defined as not only entry but the motivation and training for using ICT as this would lead to an alternative space for people to report or do listen. Finally, it depends on us if we have this access, make good use of it, and make every day to become an alternative space, attractive and very useful for all.

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