Christian Martin – Everyone Should Know

Wednesday, 6. March 2019

The new album by Christian Martin – everyone should know on the September, so just in time for the “HUSTLE IN HARMONY”-tour start and the planned album premiere is also known as the PHARO on August 29, 2009, the 1st album CD by CHRISTIAN MARTIN, under the title “each target it knowledge” available. And already promises to be the publication of the year among the hustle albums this album. CHRISTIAN MARTIN, confirmed in the first promo interviews on various radio stations and stations that the title of the album “each target it knowledge” is already very provocative meant. Who now believe they can expect a funky album, is perhaps a bit disappointed, because it is a solid pop album, in all facets of hustle to find up to very sensitive, danceable ballad is. CHRISTIAN MARTIN has done, a new musical in a friendly cooperation with Tommy Louis with this album, which will distinguish him from most of his colleagues, but that’s why his fans love him. Young, honest and direct. The current album “each It is knowledge”trade can be obtained from Vo on the. The album is published in BLUE POP of records and is maintained by DELTA music sales.

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