Common Errors In The Care Of Indoor Plants

Sunday, 21. July 2019

Often, from beginner to breed houseplants can hear the question: "I somehow wither or dry flower, what do I do?". Answer choices are many, as the disease state flower could be due to a number reasons: lack of fresh air over its dryness, excessive watering or peresushkoy soil deficiency or excess nutrients. These factors have led not only to the oppression of the plants, but also create favorable environment for pests. Let's try to analyze in detail the possible causes of disease houseplants. Potted plants normally wilt due to waterlogged soil, soil, pests or diseases. Determine the plant was flooded or retain moisture can be as earth coma. If you see wet ground ball and yellowed lower leaves, then the earth was moistened. If the plant is flooded and not taken no action, the leaves lose their color, become limp and translucent, followed by root rot and death of plants.

When overdried dirt clod is dehydration plant, the leaves lose turgor, dry up and fall off. If, due to strong overdried soil water when watering poorly absorbed, you can put the whole pot in a basin of warm water and leave there until the soil are moistened. Also a common problem plants – sunburn. Not all plants tolerate direct sunlight, so as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun on their leaves are formed burns. If this happens, remove the damaged leaves and in the future pritenyayte plant during the hottest hours of sunshine. If the soil is not too dry or moist, and pests you also do not see, remove the plant from the pot and inspect the roots.

If the roots have filled the whole earth food, then plant not enough food, and you need to transplant it into a larger pot with fresh soil. If you see a limp, starting to rot the roots, remove the affected areas and, again, transplant the plant. If the earth and feed the roots of plants order, the cause of his malaise may be the lack of light or air dry. In the first case you need to move the plant closer to the light, in the second – it regularly sprayed. It is also advised when dry air in the winter time to veil the battery with wet towels.

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