Coverage Of The Global Crisis In The Media

Tuesday, 23. April 2019

Since the beginning of a global recession and news agencies, and especially online media raised their ratings to unprecedented heights. This is understandable: each of us, whoever we may be – from schoolchildren to pensioners – have worried some, and the same questions. This is all that is associated with the crisis, and coverage of the global crisis in the media. And here there is, as they say, an edge of the responsibility of journalists who are trying to address such serious issues as global economic crisis. It's no secret that journalists have become a cog in some way – a small but important part of the corporate system. And many of them (which is hiding the fact) and does – the most important layer of the office of plankton, nursing due to their near and earning a sensation.

Maybe that's why coverage of the global crisis in the media has become so controversial and so to put it mildly, controversial? But in fact the problem is more serious than banal discussion whose purpose alone: to popularize the news agencies and online media. And improve their ratings. And perhaps for this very reason, a wide range of readers and fans of online media and news agencies throw another juicy marrow bone – forecasts of various analysts. They claim that quite soon it is likely emergence of a new global financial system that would unite the dollar, euro and Asian currencies. Thus, the coverage of the global financial crisis in the media is gaining new momentum. Serve with great pleasure that caught all the same news agencies and online media.

The conclusion is obvious: it is time to debate down to business. That is, the media ought to rethink its role in highlighting the global financial crisis, to strengthen its position and become, at last, some clarity in their work. Leading news agencies and online media should show considerable insight in the search for methods of lighting what is happening, at least in order to harmonize the contact point between financial performance of the state and people. Find a balance between policy and humanitarian aspects – no easy matter. And coverage of the global crisis in the media should go on this arduous journey. Of course, I would like to, and news agencies and online media and print media in some way corrected this process, which requires coherent and coordinated action. But it already – from the realm of fantasy.

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