Crisis At Work

Friday, 26. July 2019

About three years ago there was one unpleasant event for me, which, as I understand it now, give me a new round of development, but at the time it was a disaster. Ripple has many thoughts on the issue. First, a little about my background. Today I am owner of a major business in the petrochemical and co-owner of retail chain specializing in the sale of goods petrochemical industry, it is now, and then three years ago, I was just a director trade and mediation company and my business started by their own funds and my partner. Business was a “hill” and were the prospects, but once the bell rang for which it was unfortunate that answered my partner Business Vladimir What does this call and what consequences it will bring, I learned later, much later than the events that struck me is not real and not logical. In those days we had to make a deal to which we were not alone month and profit from it promised to be long zeroes. But time passed and the time the transaction took place, the likelihood of its implementation has been reduced to a minimum. However, work continued as usual and money dripping with so-called routine. At that time I was very exhausted, not only distant trips and depressing mood. Therefore, the suggestion of my partner a little rest seemed quite friendly advice. I did not come for several days in the office until I was called by Vladimir. We had a conversation, the contents of which, in a nutshell, was the following: Vladimir left the organization and took his money out of the total business, citing personal reasons.

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