Different Brands

Saturday, 17. March 2018

It is well known that cars require different tires depending on the type of vehicle but also quite special due to the varying weather conditions. It is well known that cars require different tires depending on the type of vehicle but also quite special due to the varying weather conditions. The tires are designed to create perfect characteristics for the individual seasons of the construction. Winter tires make for safe passage at low temperatures natural rubber, they contain the special characteristics of winter tires arise inter alia from a large part. This particularly applies to temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius. Very great care is placed for winter tires on the profile, which is responsible for a maximum safety on wet roads.

In addition provides state of the art technology at the plates that produce a good interaction between tyres and snow cover on the ground. All these benefits can only be their full effect If the tires have a sufficient tread depth. Generally, you can see four mm as a minimum. Repeatedly and regularly test winter and summer tires on their characteristics. Here you can determine each time on the new cars with summer tires on winter roads have a twice as long braking distance as vehicles with winter tires. More dramatic can be fixed then the differences in acceleration. In addition, that the risk of accidents is significantly larger through the bad page guide of summer tyres in winter. No significant difference in the overall production quality between summer and winter tires are to determine.

Comfort and wear not significantly differ. Winter tires have the advantage that they provide optimum safety in wet conditions on winter roads stop in the main. The development of the tire is total designed for roads with wintry conditions to achieve maximum braking. Now is it even so far during development, that in the production of appearance and design is taken into consideration, so also nothing objectionable here and also the drivers are happy to buy luxury cars. You need to find the right tire for the driving safety interested not only persons who buy a luxury car, but also those who are already driving a such luxury. Summer and winter tires not more substantially differ in the comfort and the General characteristics and services, where of course some important differences remain. Winter tyres wear out through the soft rubber compound, for example, much faster at the high temperatures which prevail in Germany here in the summer sometimes. So is this down and slightly spongy ride to explain. In contrast is the downside of summer tires in the winter that cause the harder rubber compound for a lessening of security and flexibility, as soon as the temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius. Try the tire manufacturer therefore various all-season tires an opportunity to create, to compete the whole year with a tire places. These tires certainly have their advantages and are quite optimal for the one or the other possibility. However, they are ultimately only a compromise, since they possess optimum characteristics either in summer or in winter. The profile at all different properties that have different tires, decides on the safety we must never forget the tread may not fall below a minimum level. The lawmakers of believe that 1,6 mm should not be below is up-to-date.

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