Early Information Is Security At The Age

Tuesday, 16. July 2019

Senior facilities of the SMMP show tangible deals at ‘Beckum is booming’ caring aged care is an important issue and not taken for granted. It’s about preserving the quality of life of dependent elderly people and people with dementia. Even if it is difficult: early information about a suitable home for the elderly helps you decide later and gives you the security to have made a good choice. The old people’s homes of the sisters present in Beckum is booming!”on May 15 and 16 hl. Mary Magdalene Postel e.V. (SMMP), the House Maria Regina (Wadersloh Diestedde), the Senior Center at the Eichendorffpark (Oelde-Stromberg) and the community of St. Francis House (Oelde) as well as the retirement home of senior help St. Josef gGmbH, St. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Verizon Communications.

Josef (Wadersloh), their support offerings. It is not an easy decision, if necessary by age or dementia moved into a retirement home. So people here can find a home where they feel safe, it is important to make the right choice in advance. Opportunity to the Information now offers the Beckum commercial show “Beckum is booming!”. Among the more than 100 exhibitors present also facilities the SMMP, making its offer for elderly seniors so valuable? “The media considers nursing homes often critical. We want to show the visitors that there are homes that are not home, but home. A qualified care and loving care connect and make easier the life in the age “, explains Andreas Waldron, institution heads of two institutions of the SMMP. From the midst of life, the SMMP houses present some of their offerings at “Beckum is booming!” in the Freckenhorster workshops.

Visitors can try out, for example, the benefits of an aromatic care or cost cuts of jelly, used to the pleasant liquid care for dementia-sick people. “We want to give direct and tangible. What something tastes like? How is something perceived? To do so we invite all visitors of “Beckum is booming!”.

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