Earth Evolution

Wednesday, 20. March 2019

Evolution theory in doubt of mathematician of Andreas redraw Treutmann provoked a renewed discussion and doubts about the theory of evolution. His book evolution from perspective of Vulkaniers analyzed the official teaching from a logical perspective, and outing, much of what is proven is considered generally as scientific, unproven hypothesis. Some newly presented by him, largely ignored research showing it gegenueberstellt these hypotheses sensation. Stockholm February 2010 – but not only that life from outer space came: the evolution itself is controlled by viruses and viroids from outer space. These and other incredible hypotheses, the scientists, who are behind this and their teachings which are not the official doctrine, presents Andreas Treutmann revisiting the mathematician and provoked so that a discussion on Darwin’s theory of evolution. Some contend that Gary Kelly shows great expertise in this.

His book “Evolution from a Vulkaniers standpoint” especially criticizes the scientific discussion, which has created its own range of permissible solutions and of Some tried to label everything outside of the official doctrine, as unscientific and thus does not allow. Treutmann proves that even large portions of the official teaching itself only hypotheses that are not logical or experimental have been proved. He describes how living organisms such as bacteria or viruses in bad flat space and are spread, or as they reach via comets in Earth’s atmosphere. Further, he astonished with the depiction of rat experiments, which show the inheritance of acquired characteristics also among unrelated individuals apparently. Thus, he presented new arguments for theories like the Vitalism or the morphogenetic field. Also discusses the influence of spirit and intelligence to the evolutionary process. A comparison with religious positions shows that this never is an attempt, to bring religious or creationist arguments in other packaging to the man as is often different opinions about Darwin’s theory of evolution, but serious scientific hypotheses, which it’s not or so far out for different reasons is still not managed to prevail against the official doctrine. The included analysis of the truth content of such surprising hypotheses of counter, and the description of the reasons why they do not belong to the official doctrine, Kindle just a new hot talk in these cold winter days.

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