Easy Script – Expert Help In The Transcript Of Interviews

Thursday, 4. December 2014

Easy script from Essen informs his customer interviews provide informative content from work / life in visibility and at the same time personal way. Their error-free copy, however, requires time and language skills, which often miss the interviewer. For a perfect transcription of interviews, the Essen online copywriting committed easy script. The Professional task of journalists not exhausted to write articles, but consists largely of time-consuming research, as well as talks with interview partners or informants. Write a well-researched article requires thus significantly more effort and journalistic ability as the verbatim transcript of an interview and forms the real core competence of journalists. From this perspective, interview transcripts are a pure routine activity, which costs valuable time for most journalists. The use of transcriptionists to the transcript of interviews has due to this circumstance in the journalism tradition.

He contributes to, to unlock valuable core competencies. In the wake of the profound change in the publishing industry, heard today the acquisition of appropriate paperwork to the services of external Schreibburos. The Essen online copywriting easy script is committed in this regard for timely, error-free transcriptions based on written records or audio files. In addition to trained journalists, many lay people for the variety of reasons conduct interviews. Author presentations, Club and organization journals or business information efforts also benefit from the informative of an interesting interview as the mass media. Lay people engaged in the interviewing, the professional help of a Schreibburos is usually a welcome way to achieve the intended visibility and to ensure the accuracy of the transcript. The Essen online copywriting easy script is main part-time dedicated journalists, doctors and experts with professional transcriptions for the hand, the its Dramatically reduce typing. His writing service the company provides more information at any time. Press contact of EASY SCRIPT contact: Biggy Pieper Schiefenberg 14a 45239 Essen Tel: 0201-40 88 28 4 mobile: 0174-95 45 69 2 E-Mail: Homepage:

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