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Sunday, 29. September 2019

Email-marketing platform XQ: Maileon is ready to go! Offenbach 22.06.2012 – XQueue GmbH opened its customers new opportunities and perspectives in the email marketing. With the complete development of their product XQ: Maileon can now operate even much more successful email marketing company, as this is already possible. The technology development aimed at highest performance and adaptability to customer requirements without compromising on usability. Want to offer our customers not only a technically sophisticated solution, we help you to optimize the overall performance of your email marketing. “Our newly developed enterprise product XQ serves: Maileon.” So Frank Strzyzewski, Managing Director of XQueue GmbH.

The challenge of professional enterprise email marketing requirements are high: customers are demanding scalable email marketing platforms with high functionality and flexible adaptability to individual needs. Instead of isolated ground shipments are targeting possibilities, Kick-off chains and links with external systems (shops, social media, CMS, CRM, ERP, Web Analytics) becoming more important. The solution approach XQ: Maileon was implemented by a specialized team of software in over 2 years of development effort. Incorporated are: knowledge and success concepts from 10 years E-Mail Marketing numerous innovative product ideas and features experiences and feedback from tens of thousands of shipments of over 700 customers best practices in usability modern, future-oriented base technologies the result the core engine of XQ: Maileon is a patent pending special technology that can generate up to 100 million E-mails per hour. But XQ: Maileon can do much more: the addresses are the soul of E-Mail Marketing. So XQ offers: Maileon extensive tools for the efficient and secure management of customer contacts. In addition to the usual functions for the data import and export, as well as creating their own typed data fields, the platform provides the users of various search and sorting features, tools for duplicate – and black list the same, intelligent forms of data enhancement, as well as flexible, fully automated routines to data hygiene and improve the quality of addresses available.

Audiences of any complexity, including geo selections, can be rule-based and reusable defined through easy to use segmentation filters. The built-in template Center allows customers to create and manage their own custom E-mailing – and article templates. Content management supports the creation, use and re-use of newsletter content. These include include context-sensitive drag & drop, WYSIWYG, standard libraries for content elements (text, images, articles), image-editing features and tools such as the QR-code generator. Dynamic newsletter content can be managed using an editor without any programming knowledge. Comprehensive reports provide more precise and more easily understandable outcome evaluations of each Newsletterversands with new visualizations (Sankey, treemaps, 3D-Klickmaps, Venn, GEO). A fully automatic, intelligent management of the replies completes this innovative platform. Actually, needless to say, that it the XQ: Maileon platform as Agency solution is. More info: about XQueue 2002 in Offenbach am Main founded XQueue GmbH is a provider of professional email marketing technologies. The company’s vision of the XQueue GmbH is to activate the response and sales potential of our customers with excellent service, superior technology and deep understanding of the factors of success of email marketing. In this sense, XQueue sees itself not only as a technology provider, but also as a provider of email success. Now nearly 700 companies and organizations employ successful email marketing solutions by Xqueue in more than 30 countries, the small sole proprietorship of medium-sized companies to the DAX-listed companies. 2010 opened another site in Freiburg

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