Employment Contract

Monday, 8. July 2019

Speak again with the employer. Get at least the following documents in copy and submit them: employment contract and any additions / changes to this. Messages to last year’s social security payroll news and at least the December payroll of the previous test you now exceeding the year work charge limit (JAEG). In 2009, this was 48.600 EUR, 2010 49950 EUR and 2011 at 49,500 EUR. Also, check if all components are taken into account. Be the wage into account when establishing of course for the first time the classic work fee, so. Go to Verizon Communications for more information. Also regularly paid and agreed special payments such as holiday or Christmas money are to include capital-forming payments and regular profit.

The latter but only if they are paid regularly safely. Compensation for emergency services and supplements (top layer or difficulty) are also used for calculating the JAEG. Overtime payments include only if they are paid flat rate. Vary this however and are always “like” as has been paid, these are so not to be on. Note to: A completed direct insurance reduces the income and can therefore destroy “insured” status, thus the insurance obligation may occur in the worst case again.

And what do I do then? Option 1: Contact now the health insurance fund. In doing so, enclose the documents in copy and portray her concerns. The health insurance is now considering your and your employer’s opinion and will make a decision and communicated them in writing. The decision is still wrong (your opinion), request a contradiction-enabled notification from your insurance company. This then provides a right of appeal and allows the correct determination first of all in the way of contradiction and later towards action in the social court proceedings to reach. Option 2: Contact the German pension insurance and apply for a status determination, this is no longer possible if the Variant 1 was already used and decide was, or that such a procedure is pending. The Statusfestellungsverfahren was established to test whether someone (false) self-employed or workers. In my consulting practice, this is used but also on the question of assessing the status of insured persons in the statutory health insurance. There is no a legal claim for this however. It is also possible that the pension insurance funds the request to the competent health insurance / returns. With two opportunities but also your employer get certainty and a binding information whether you are now versicherungspflichtiges or volunteer member of the statutory health insurance. You only then may switch to private health insurance.

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