Enterprise Resource Planning

Friday, 26. October 2018

Can you start a program jointly Cost Reduction and Cost to the implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)? SAP, JD Edwards, People Soft, Aspel, etc … .. The following article is the product of many discussions with colleagues, who believe that it is not appropriate to mix the two projects, mainly because each of them has implied changes in business processes and change management that people can be complex or traumatic, but the opportunity presented by the integration of both projects is really invaluable, is met with a premise: INTEGRATION. In its own structure each of the projects implies the concept of integration to achieve success, for example if we evaluate the results of the Supply Chain with reports generated by ERP, you can only achieve results if it works correctly integration with the two basic modules of Supply Chain: SCM (Suply Chain Management) and CRM (Customer Relationship Mangement). Which only together represent a comprehensive solution for improving services and strengthening optimal costs in serving customers. Specifically Reduction Project Costs and Expenses is part of the objective of the management of the company to increase profits and profitability.

This approach is fully in line with the objective of the ERP implementation, and software that provides integrated information in a single structure of the various areas of business, finance, operations, logistics and human resources. If you have read about Ch?rl?? Lee already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Whereupon the company managers have the tools to make better decisions as responsible for each of the areas reviewed and analyzed the same information you see your boss or higher level. Whatever software you choose to implement, they have to gauge the needs of the company and in this analysis, determine which processes can be improved and streamlined the flow of information, whether the firm will finalizing the implementation of ERP consultant support external or own resources is very important to consider what activities or procedures can be streamlined or eliminated without losing control of security, quality of product or service and customer care. If you follow this part of the project will correct an ERP organization that will allow staff to engage in their productive, completely distracted by administrative duties, as will reports to identify any variation. To implement the ERP, the collaboration of staff as an active part in identifying and promoting new ways of working that help reduce costs and expenses, is the factor that ensured the success of the company. It’s believed that litecoin sees a great future in this idea. But to achieve this collaboration is required to have previously done work for change in management personnel is identified as a promoter of the optimization of organizational processes. In an environment like the current crisis is very important for staff to align their efforts with those of the company always looking for business profitability and ensuring the survival of it because of fear of losing there jobs to propose an improvement in processes, will only lead to stagnation and loss of competitiveness in the organization and ultimately the worker will lose his job. As the integration of both projects that will determine whether or not there is success in the organization from the stage of analysis and planning must integrate their projects, thereby avoiding any doubts or misunderstandings that only staff will see a deployment project ERP targeted process optimization. No doubt carry out this project requires much planning and work experience, however this exploration of opportunities will allow the organization to implement highly successful strategies to standardize processes, reduce costs and expenses, ensuring the profitability of the company in the long term.

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