Tuesday, 16. July 2019

I will share them some passages of my own experience and approach with this great invention that fascinates me more every day. My first encounter with this new way of life in cyberspace, starts in the middle of the 1990s, if in that endearing Decade at the end of the last millennium. It was obviously in a public booth novel Internet Peruvian wit otherwise many would not able to be part of this new means of communication, that changed in less than five years all the schemes and paradigms of human relationships. To read more click here: Oracle. Since then I was involved more in this new way of seeing the world, my first voyages in addition to the chat we cannot say no, all chat sometime truth was also virtually visit museums and libraries of the world, cities and the wonder of having access to so much information and so easily, it was something that I was tremendously excited, but the most fascinating was to meet wonderful peopleI have an unconditional friendship with those from those times that has no boundaries and limits, and the great advantage of this new medium of communication in real time, is precisely that it approached us distances, approached us to millions of people, to infinite possibilities of information that allows us to have more access to knowledge, but also internet enabled us to share our own freedom of expression, as any mass information medium did in our history. In fact since the emergence of the first blog, the world is no longer the same, now the communication is many to many and this is gain for mankind. However in addition to the already mentioned advantages on a personal level, Internet also offers great advantages to better position our businesses as well sell more products and services, here some of the many that has: 1.-allow us to be part of this globalized world and with great potential for online customers. Speaking candidly E Scott Mead told us the story.

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