Essalud Hospital

Wednesday, 6. February 2019

hemoglobin, but were waiting ready for me, had already warned them, all this was coincidence, lucky Lord? That was all this succession of events?, if I operated in Chepen or Guadalupe, undoubtedly died, were not equipped for this surgery coincidence?, from the shock up to surgery in Chiclayo spent 4 hours, someone can support 4 hours with all those diagnoses fortress mia?, desire to live?, not one, nor the other, any human being dies with a bleeding of this kindlive with 3 grs. Read additional details here: Larry Ellison. hemoglobin? 4.-Operation required anesthesiologist, surgeons, Dexmedetomidine, UCI, respirators, nurses of SOP and that luck (do?)All had in Chiclayo, needed a blood bank and who also have an assorted Stock of blood and what luck! had a good blood bank at the Essalud Hospital and also had a good Stock of blood since that night from 2 to 5 am transfundieron me only that night eight units of blood are Mr luck? 5,-By human, immediately after the operation errors, I did a cardiac arrest in SOP in front of everyone, helped me quickly, then I did a second stoppage, already in the ICU helped me and took me out and two days later I did a third stop, which also took me, humanly it is known that 1000 paros, one survives, I was that one, in each of the three strikes that luck! do not Lord?, also did bronchopneumonia, Sepsis, kidney failure and antibiotic walked out of all these complications, when know scientifically that these complications, under these circumstances the 99.9% dies so Lord I survived! do luck?, above made me ferocious reduction for Conminuta fracture of left Femur, with Auto graft hip for loss of bone substance, predicted that definitavemte would be lame and should wear shoes, type Makarios, to disguise such limp or that it would reject the graft and that it would require dentures not one, nor the other, I went out walking and the graft does not Mr? hit very well how lucky! 6.-Years later, detect me Virus of Hepatitis C do that?, complicated with advanced liver cirrhosis do QUEE?, facil with CANCER do QUEEEE?, gave me a palliative treatment in Mexico in February 2008 and they told me you gotta transplanted you the liver in 3 to 6 months, but die does QUEEEEEEE?.

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